Aston Villa reveals new badge after a fan vote


After offering fans the choice between two final designs, Aston Villa presented their new club crest. After declaring in July that they would be developing a new identity that they believe better reflects Villa, the club has spent months designing a new crest. A circular badge that updated the 1982 crest or a shield that had many of the same elements and colors were the final 2 badges they put out to the fans.

With 77% of the voting, the round badge is the logo that the fans have chosen as their favorite. Another 23% of supporters chose the gas lamp design, while 8% want the present badge to stay the same as it is.

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The new badge is round and has the club’s lion in the blue center, with the wording “Aston Villa” and the club’s founding year, 1874, in the claret rim.

The Lion is now facing “forwards” as the team aspires to the future, and it is standing next to a star that symbolizes the club’s only European Cup victory. However, this does not cover the fact that many fans have been quick to point out how similar the new badge of Aston Villa is to the existing Chelsea badge.

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