Al Bayt Stadium: A World Cup Venue with a historic view


As one of the richest countries in the World, the FIFA World Cup host country is spending billions and billions on its infrastructure. With the best on-hand technology of ball tracking, robot linesman as well as high-end AI tech. The Al Bayt Stadium will be welcoming the FIFA World Cup with an opening match between Qatar and Ecuador.

Apart from the coolest stadium infrastructure, Qatar offers the easiest convenience of affordable accommodations. There are multiple options for an outstanding stay at both luxurious and reasonable hotels near the World Cup Stadiums. All of this has been made so that a fan’s need is served during their time in Qatar. Let’s talk about the Al Bayt Stadium’s outstanding infrastructure and how it represents Qatar’s history.

Al Bayt Stadium – An essence of Qatar

The tents known as Bayt al Sha’ar, which were historically used by nomads in Qatar and the Gulf region, gave their name to the Al Bayt service provided by the Aspire Zone Foundation. The stadium draws visitors from distant lands and amuses them by hosting customary events and sports.

The design of the stadium is said to honor Qatar’s past, present, and future. The stadium will serve as an example of environmentally friendly construction while firmly pursuing sustainability. The Al Bayt stadium in Qatar has an outclass facility and represents of what will be built in the future.

The interior & exterior of the Al Bayt Stadium

The World Cup being held in Al Khor, one of Qatar’s oldest cities, will have a significant impact on the local population. In keeping with the region’s history, the Al Bayt Stadium design takes inspiration from the historical tents (also known as Bayt al sha’ar), which were used by nomads in earlier times and are a striking example of the nation’s culture.

The stadium is getting ready to host soccer fans from all over the world, and its architecture is going to be a major draw. The exterior of the stadium is actually a tent-like structure, which is its main draw, while the interior is home to a top-notch football facility. Football fans will undoubtedly enjoy a unique spectacle because of the design.

All football lovers gather at Al Bayt Stadium, which will host the FIFA World Cup 2022. It is a striking sight for locals and visitors alike. They will be motivated to attend and will have never seen anything like it before entering this 60,000-seat arena. The entire stadium, which is situated in the northern city of Al Khor, is covered by a massive tent structure.

Al Bayt Stadium’s cost

The cost of the Al Bayt Stadium is another significant factor which is equally crucial to note. This top-notch facility is estimated to cost a staggering €770 million and could be finished by the end of 2021. In fact, it will cost Qatar more than $200 billion to host the upcoming world cup because of issues like these. Having said that, the stadium’s expense seems to have been worthwhile because it might rank among the top attractions in Al Khor after the World Cup and boost both tourism and the local economy.

Let’s talk about sustainability

Qatar is making sure of the environment by maintaining its sustainability every way possible. However, when talking about the sustainable factor of the Al Bayt Stadium, there are few things the kept in mind while construction.

Design’s sustainability

The exterior of the stadium creates a tent-like structure that substantially shields the interior from the desert sun. This is important to note because a structure like this eventually helps the stadium’s cooling system and keeps the spectators and even the playing surface cool.

Surprisingly, the Al Bayt Stadium’s extensive lightweight canopies contribute significantly to ensuring that the pitch receives adequate shade. As a result, every effort made to design the stadium is with the strictest sustainability guidelines.

Existence of a green environment

The area around the Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor is a living illustration of the importance Qatar has placed on environmental protection. A green belt will be developed starting at the stadium and extending all the way to the sea.

As a result of the ongoing development in the area, the area surrounding the Al Bayt Stadium expected to undergo a significant transformation with facilities like parks, green spaces, water features, and much more.

Ticket Prices & Matches at the Al Bayt Stadium

  • The stadium will hold both the opening ceremony and the first match of the FIFA World Cup between Qatar and Ecuador on 20th November. The price of the tickets starts from $750.00 USD.
  • Match between Spain and Germany will also take place at the Al Bayt Stadium. The price of the tickets will cost you around $600.00 USD.
  • The host’s country Qatar will face Netherlands in the stadium as well. The prices of these tickets are $530.00 USD.
  • Round of 16, Quarter final and semi final will be at the Al Bayt Stadium. The prices are $521.00 USD, $641.00 USD, $1,250.00 USD respectively.

Where can you stay near the Al Bayt Stadium?

The hotels in Al Khor would be preparing for a huge rush as the city prepares to welcome guests from all over the world for the FIFA World Cup. Let’s look at the best hotels for world cup accommodations that are close to the stadium.

How can I reach the Stadium?


Considering visiting Al Bayt stadium? You must be aware that it has excellent access to the Metro line. In addition, you can travel by using a hired taxi, a public bus, or a rental bike. Due to the large number of fans expected at the stadium during the Tournament, Doha Metro will be a great help.

Legacy of Al Bayt Stadium after the FIFA World Cup 2022


The Al Khor Stadium’s original 60,000 seating capacity will reduce by 32,000 after the FIFA World Cup is over. The majority of the seats in the arena are detachable because the Al Bayt Stadium is with a contemporary aesthetic. As they will go to numerous football development projects all over the world. Even though there is less seating, there will still be enough room for other facilities, making the new capacity ideal for post-World Cup events.

A variety of facilities available at the Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor after the World Cup would be one of its best features. A five-star hotel to be made in the stadium’s upper area. Numerous other facilities, which include a shopping center, food court, gym, multipurpose hall, and much more, would also be added.

The stadium would become home to Aspeter, one of the top sports medicine facilities in the world. As a result, Al Khor would attract athletes from all over the world.

The Al Bayt Stadium would have a lot of amenities both inside and outside the stadium. Along with a variety of other attractions. There will be facilities set up like tracks for running, cycling, and camel riding in keeping with the region’s legacy of healthy living.

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