The T20 World Cup Final Trophy ‘might be shared’ as a result of rain forecast


Rain is likely to threaten the men’s T20 World Cup final between England and Pakistan at the MCG on Sunday. Eventually raising the possibility of the need for a reserve day and possibly even a shared trophy. This will cause some anxious looks in Melbourne over the coming days.

There is currently a 95% chance of rain on Sunday, with 15 to 25mm of precipitation expected. “Very high chance of showers—nearly 100%. The potential for severe thunderstorms with heavy rainfall, “As of Friday morning, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

The reserve day for the T20 World Cup Final

The reserve day is planned for Monday. However that day’s forecast is also unclear, predicting rain with a 95% chance of falling between 5 and 10mm.

In comparison to the group stages of the tournament, which only required five overs per side, the knockout matches required a minimum of 10 overs per side.

If necessary, completing a shortened game on Sunday will be a priority. Hence the number of overs will be decreased before the reserve day is used. The game will continue from where it left off on the reserve day if it was started on Sunday but cannot be finished.

The game will continue as a 20-over match on the reserve day. If it starts on Sunday with a reduction in overs but play cannot possibly resume due to the weather.

The reserve day has four additional hours available with the game beginning on Monday at 3 p.m. local time, compared to the original day of the final’s allotted 30 minutes of extra time.

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