How to Watch Major League Baseball in the UK

The new season of Major League Baseball (MLB) is just around the corner. And the crazy baseball fans are already here to know where to stream all the LIVE matches seamlessly!

Just when a 99-day owner-imposed lockout will end, the 2022 Major League Baseball season will kick-off. If you’re looking to catch all the live-action, you’ve got yourself covered here – whether you belong to the US, UK, or any other nation. Our guide also encompasses information on how to watch the live games for free, even if they’re geo-blocked in your region. So, let’s begin!

What Channels Actively Broadcast Major League Baseball (MLB)? 

Last year, fans witnessed a breathtaking performance in the grand finale where Atlanta Braves were taken down by Houston Astros in Game 6.

Now the new season of Major League Baseball is back with a bang! We’re looking forward to some cut-throat performances between Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets, Atlanta Braves, San Diego Padres, and Milwaukee Brewers!

The ages-old rivals – Dodgers and the Yankees will be facing off! I feel the thrill already, do you, too?

Major League Baseball games once again are returning on April 7, 2022. Each game would be nationally televised and get aired on FOX, FS1, TBS, ESPN, and MLB Network.

However, you’d require access to your regional sports network (RSN) to get live actions from your local team!

The DIRECTV’s CHOICE plan ($79.99 a month) seems to be one of the best options for watching the 2022 MLB season. They have every major MLB channel streamlined that has a plethora of RSNs.

Other than that, a good VPN connection can always save your day and your bucks! J

Here are basic instructions to follow:

  • Download a reliable VPN connection
  • Select your home country or the region the match is broadcast in.
  • Now stream your heart out!

Where to Watch Major League Baseball without Cable?

Don’t have the cable connection? Relax and sit back!

You can still catch the live-action of MLB when it’s not your home country. Simply get a VPN connection and open any good streaming website.

  • Download a safe VPN server
  • Select your region or the region that isn’t geo-blocked
  • And stream your way through the live-action.

How to Watch Major League Baseball 2022 in the UK Online?

Before the new season of MLB starts off, let’s give you some streaming options.

In 2022, Apple TV+ will be the provider of live MLB coverage in the UK – the streaming service’s first venture into live sports. Register for Apple TV+ to watch the MLB 2022 season on Apple’s website.

You can watch some games in MLB 2022 for free, thanks to Apple waiving its subscription fees for a limited time when baseball season starts. Other recommended options are BT Sports and

Not an Apple user? A better option – a good VPN connection always saves the day. Install it and have all the streaming you wish for.

How to Watch Major League Baseball 2022 in the US Online?

Just like in the UK, Apple TV+ offers the same rights in the US for MLB. And the same subscription-free model will be applied. However, the subscription duration has not been disclosed by Apple yet.

So, a better option would be subscribing to a VPN connection.

  • Get a reliable VPN server
  • Select USA region
  • Stream on your desired channel

How to Watch Major League Baseball 2022 in Canada Online?

Whether you’re a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays or just want to watch MLB online, Canada has a lot of options for you. A number of games are available via cable, depending on your language preference and region, on Sportsnet, TSN, TVA Sports, and RDS. You can also watch these matches online using your TV login credentials (or buying the service separately). ESPN broadcasts many of these games on TSN, whereas SportsNet carries the Blue Jays.

But do you want to save up some bucks while streaming MLB unlimited? Get a full-fledged VPN connection, so your streaming never stops.

  • Establish a secure connection with a reliable VPN server.
  • Select Canada as your region
  • Open the streaming site and catch all the live-action you want

Use A VPN To Stream Live Major League Baseball Matches in 2022!

There are many channels that might not support your region for streaming live matches. Here’s where your search should start for a reliable and compatible VPN connection. All you need to do is select your streaming platform and pay up the minimum for their packages. (PS: A little piece of advice – use platforms that give free trials for certain days).

If your favorite channel has blocked the streaming for your region, just revert to any region that has the streaming permissions.

Follow these steps to stream ultimately:

  • Get a reliable VPN service
  • Select the country that isn’t geo-blocked
  • Tune into your favored channel to get the live actions

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who won MLB 2021?

The Atlanta Braves – an American professional baseball team from Atlanta, claimed the MLB 2021 winner’s title.

How to watch MLB blackout games and stream them from outside your country?

MLB blackout means not being able to watch certain matches due to regional streaming issues. Well, a fast and secure VPN connection can always make your way to streaming!

Who won the MVP in MLB 2021?

Shohei Ohtani won the 2021 AL MVP (Most Valuable Player) title.

Who is the most winning MLB team?

The 1906 Cubs remained the winningest team for years, and they’re still holding this privilege.

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