How to Watch Bahrain Grand Prix Live Online in the UK


Fans Rejoice! the good news is that they will be able to Watch Bahrain Grand Prix live online. The Bahrain Grand Prix, aka Bahrain GP, is a racing event that takes place under the F1 banner. The competition takes place in Bahrain. Bahrain’s racing circuit first hosted the event back in April 2004. 

Bahrain GP was the first F1 racing circuit that took place in the Middle East. Also, It’s called Sakhir racing circuit and the track was designed by the famous F1 track designer Hermann Tike. 

Other winners of this marquee event include Fernando Alonso (2005 & 2006) for Renault, Felipe Massa (2007 & 2008) for Ferrari, Jenson Button (2009) for Brawn, & Alonso when he debuted for Ferrari (2010), making him a 3-time winner.

How To Watch Bahrain Grand Prix Live Online in the UK

In Addition, Bahrain Grand Prix will be telecasted on Sky Sports and BT Sports. But the problem that comes within these channels is the geo-restrictions. These channels are only accessible in the UK; therefore, you will need a VPN provider to access to Watch Bahrain Grand Prix live instantly.

Follow the steps below to access these channels instantly:

  •  Subscribe to a VPN service
  • Connect to a server in the UK
  • Enjoy watching Bahrain Grand Prix 2022 live online on BBC iPlayer. 
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How To Watch Bahrain Grand Prix 2022 Live Without Cable

Formula 1 Bahrain GP is the starting race for this season. Fans are excited to watch who will make a spot on the podium. You can navigate on Sky Sports or the BT Sports channel to watch Bahrain Grand Prix 2022 live without cable instantly.

Get along these steps to access the channels mentioned above seamlessly:

  • Get SportsVPN
  • Connect to a server in the UK
  • Enjoy watching F1 Bahrain Grand Prix 2022 buffer-free.
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Why Do You Need A VPN to stream Formula 1 Live Online?

You may face many problems if you opt for watching F1 on live streaming. Firstly, accessing a live stream is difficult (and costly) due to broadcasting rights, content issues, and even regional availability issues. 

Furthermore, some websites claim they provide quality streams but are filled with annoying ads. Moreover, the coverage quality and speed of the stream matter, which is poor on these websites. Normal streaming sites are compromised and only open more tabs than show live streaming. Therefore VPN is a more suitable choice.

A Compatible VPN allows you to get access to content from anywhere in the world by providing a gateway through rerouting internet traffic from your location to a remote server and, of course, no annoying ads. VPN makes you remain anonymous. Therefore, you’re safe and secure as your location will be hidden, and your network information shall remain anonymous.

Bahrain Grand Prix: Date & Time

With 57 laps on a 5.4 km track, the F1 Bahrain Grand Prix 2022 will kick off in Sakhir on the 18th-20th of March 2022 at 10:00 am (ET).

Things you need to know about Bahrain Grand Prix

  • The racing circuit in Bahrain GP has six layouts covering 5.4 km with 15 corners used for all races (except 2010 – where the Endurance track was used for 24 corners at 6.3 km). 
  • Moreover, due to sandstorms and the blowing of sand (as the circuit is surrounded by desert area), a sticky adhesive substance is used which surrounds the desert before the race.
  • Michael Schumacher won the inaugural race for Ferrari in 2004. Sebastian Vettel, with four wins, is the most successful in Bahrain GP. At the same time, Fernando Alonso was the first to win the Bahrain GP 3 times.
  • From 2004 to 2021, Ferrari and Mercedes have shared the honors of winning the race as constructors on most occasions, i.e., six times.
  • We saw back-to-back races staged during 2020 by F1 in Bahrain. The 2nd race took place on a shorter 3.5 km Outer Loop circuit. It had only 11 turns. Sergio Perez won the race for Mercedes despite a pole position for debutant George Russell who was well and truly on course to win (also for Mercedes) but only to end up in a mix-up at the pit and with a puncture.
  • Thanks to the Bahrain GP, the visa process is easy for GCC citizens and residents and 66 other nationalities. They are eligible for a visa on arrival in Bahrain throughout the year. 
  • None of the participants of F1 races are allowed to display logos of sponsors on cars or any other essentials that are associated with alcohol during the race.
  • Winners at the end of the race are not allowed to celebrate with champagne at the podium due to these prohibitions. Instead, they celebrate with Waard at the podium, which is a rosewater drink.

Parting Thoughts!

“Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose.”

These were the words of Ayrton Senna, the famous Brazilian driver who died due to a crash during the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix. 

The Bahrain Grand Prix is the most popular and usually the first sporting event of the racing calendar year. The F1 yearly races have a viewership of over 1.5 billion global audiences worldwide. Out of this, over 80 million tuned into the Bahrain Grand Prix race.

Despite so many innovations that came with criticism, the Bahrain Grand Prix is one of the most-watched and awaited events in the racing calendar year and usually happens earlier in the year. 

The best drivers are always on the watch, and the viewers are always on the edge of their seats watching the fortunes fluctuate every year, and this year is not going to be any different either.

You can also watch the marquee event anywhere in the UK using a premium VPN service. Subscribe today to a premium VPN service, and don’t miss out on the action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch the Bahrain Grand Prix in the UK?

Sky Sports and BT Sports

Why are the races held at night in Bahrain Grand Prix?

Due to high daytime temperatures that can go up 40 degrees Celsius

How many laps are there in the Bahrain Grand Prix Circuit?

There are 57 laps in total in the Bahrain GP circuit

How many tracks does the Bahrain GP Circuit have in total?

There are six tracks in total in the Bahrain GP circuit

Who won the inaugural race of the Bahrain Grand Prix? 

The German ace Michael Schumacher won the inaugural race in 2004 for Ferrari

Who is the most successful race driver in the Bahrain GP?

Sebastian Vettel with four wins

Which constructor has been most successful in the Bahrain GP?

Ferrari and Mercedes share the honors with six wins from 2004 to 2021

Is Michael Schumacher retired?

Michael Schumacher has not been seen much in the public ever since his ski accident in 2013. Due to the accident, he was in a coma but has recovered and has since been off the public eyes.

What was the total viewership of Bahrain Grand Prix races in 2021?

The total viewership of the Bahrain Grand Prix was 84.5 million, according to the F1 website.

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