How To Watch CBS In The UK

Among the most popular media organizations in the US, CBS provides a wide range of entertainment, particularly sports. You can watch CBS entertainment and exciting sporting events all over the world by accessing CBS All Access, a dedicated streaming platform for CBS. Unfortunately, CBS is only accessible to US viewers. So, if you’re wondering how to watch CBS in the UK, you must have an extra tool to remove geo-blockades – a VPN.

In this blog, we’ll guide you on how you can enjoy unlimited CBS All Access streaming from anywhere.

Let’s begin, shall we?

How To Watch CBS From Anywhere

Without an ounce of doubt, CBS All Access offers a huge variety of CBS content from live sports to numerous TV shows. Once you’ve installed the app on your device, you’ll have access to all the most exciting streaming content. But CBS doesn’t own the entire product since they provide online streaming services.  As a result of licensing and copyright restrictions, CBS content is unavailable outside the US.

To ensure that viewers cannot access the media from unauthorized locations, CBS uses geo-blocking to comply with these rules and regulations.

So, to counter this geo-blockade, a VPN comes quite handy as it will connect you to the live stream through a US IP address that will trick CBS into thinking you are in the United States. And this is how you will be able to access its content.

Here is how you can watch CBS from anywhere.

  •   Subscribe to a good-quality VPN.
  •   Connect your VPN to a US server for seamless streaming on CBS.
  •   Go to the CBS app.
  •    And have fun watching your favorite content on CBS from anywhere.
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How To Watch CBS In The UK

CBS’s broadcast area offers content coverage to only US residents. However, it’s good to know that you can still watch exclusive sports content and TV shows in the UK. Afraid not! You won’t need to put much effort as a reliable and capable VPN will do the most job.

Here’s how it works – a good VPN will change your local IP address and mask it with one of the servers of your choice. For CBS, you should switch to an American IP address. Once it’s done, you can grab all the live action right on your screen

Follow these basic instructions to watch CBS in the UK.

  •     Subscribe to a top-notch VPN.
  •     Download the VPN on your streaming device.
  •     Connect your VPN to an American server.
  •     Sign up for CBS All Access by paying with PayPal or an international credit card
  •     Head over to CBS.
  •   Stream whatever content you desire on the CBS app while sitting back in the UK
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How To Subscribe To CBS In The UK

It’s possible that many of you might not be familiar with the CBS subscription plans. This is for you!

CBS subscription platform offers two plans. There is a $5.99 membership fee, and a $9.99 monthly fee for commercial-free service. Alternatively, you can pay $59.99 annually and save money, as well as $99.99 annually for a commercial-free package plan. An offline version of the media can also be downloaded with a commercial-free subscription.

If you’re visiting the UK or simply a British viewer, a high-quality VPN is a must-have to avail CBS All Access streaming services.

Here’s how you do it.

  •       Invest in a reputable VPN.
  •       Connect your VPN to a US server.
  •       Download the CBS app on your streaming device.
  •       Use your Google profile and the payment card linked with your Google.
  •       Sign up using your account credentials.
  •       Subscribe to any one of the CBS subscription plans.
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Wrapping It Up!

Sports fans around the world, whether they are US citizens living outside of the country’s borders or in the UK, want to keep up with exciting sporting events. By using a VPN, you can sidestep geo-restrictions and stream CBS from anywhere in the world regardless of the major obstacle of geo-restrictions. Get yourself a VPN and watch sports online on CBS from anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Devices Are Compatible With CBS?

You may have fun watching CBS in the UK via the CBS app as it is compatible with a wide variety of devices – iPad, Apple TV, Fire TV, iPhone, Xbox One, Android, PS4, Chromecast, Windows 10, and Roku.

Can I Watch CBS In The UK?

Yes, you can stream your favorite sports events and shows featuring CBS in the UK. However, you must set up a VPN on your device first.

How Do I Watch CBS In The UK?

Simply register to a strong VPN service and you’re good to go streaming your CBS favorite in the UK.

Can I Use A Free VPN To Watch CBS Outside The US?

No free VPN can bypass the strict geo-blockades of the CBS services. You must register to a premium VPN first in order to enjoy exclusive CBS content outside the US.

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