How To Watch Surfing Live in the UK

Watch Surfing live this year for a fun-filled Olympics experience. Surfing is a water sport in which an athlete rides a wave while standing or sitting on a board or just by using his body (body surfing).

More importantly, each surfer has the irrevocable right of way for their preferred direction, left or right, in competition; however, depending on their priority and the Priority and Interference Rules.

If a surfer with no preference interrupts a surfer’s ride, the interfering surfer may face a penalty.

On a specific wave, surfers perform techniques judged by a panel of five judges based on the difficulty, variation, and kind of maneuvers. Meanwhile, surfers are rated on their power, speed, and fluidity during and between movements.

How to Watch Surfing Olympics Live in the UK

BBC Sports

Highlight packages and videos from the broadcast will be accordingly available on BBC Sport’s YouTube account. You must have a strong internet connection to view all surfing series live without any disruption on the BBC sports channel.

Watch Surfing Live at Discovery+ App

The Discovery+ app provides comprehensive coverage, including live broadcasts of specific sports and highlights provided by Eurosport. The software costs £30 per year or £7 per month.

Watch Surfing at NBC

Another option to catch Olympic coverage is Peacock, NBC’s movie and television streaming service, including highlights from numerous sports on The Olympic Show. You can watch all of NBC’s Olympic programming on the NBC Sports channel or the Peacock channel if you have a Roku device or a Roku TV.

RokuTV – Watch Surfing Live

Roku users will be able to watch Olympic coverage from Tokyo on the NBC Sports or Peacock channels.


The Winter Olympics are also being aired on television by NBC, USA, and the Olympic Channel, with primetime re-airs of popular events at unusual hours for US viewers. If your TV provider provides access to these channels, you can stream events by logging in with your account credentials at


Eurosport will broadcast the surfing competition in different European countries. Some of the countries are Bulgaria, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, etc.


From 6 am to 12 pm, BBC One and Two will broadcast over 300 hours of live coverage. The telecast will be followed by features and repeats for the rest of the day. The BBC iPlayer and the Red Button will also broadcast a webcast of the event.

You must also install a VPN on your device if you are traveling outside of the country and want to Live stream Surfing.

Following these steps will allow you to connect to a VPN:

  • Select a suitable and available VPN for that location.
  • Make that nation your permanent residence.
  • Stream The Surfing championship live from anywhere in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you watch Olympic surfing replays?

Starting at $64.99 a month, you can watch Olympic Surfing events on NBC, NBC Sports Network, and USA Network. Some other channels are CNBC, Golf Channel, and Olympic Channel with YouTube TV on NBC, NBC Sports Network, USA Network, CNBC, Golf Channel, and Olympic Channel.

Which country is hosting the surfing Olympics in 2022?

The International Surfing Association (ISA) stated in 2018 that Surfing would take place in the ocean. During the 2020 Summer Olympics, usage of Artificial wave pools was stopped. The 2022 Olympic Games will be held at Tsurigasaki Beach in Ichinomiya, China, about 40 miles (64 kilometers) outside of Tokyo.

How can you get free access to the 2022 Olympics?

NBC will broadcast The 2022 Winter Olympics. You may watch the entire event (including the opening and closing ceremonies) for free on Peacock via the app.

Is it possible to watch the Olympics on YouTube?

YouTube TV offers a two-week free trial that includes access to NBC‘s Olympic programming.

How can you Watch Surfing Olympics without cable?

Another option to catch Olympic coverage is Peacock. It is NBC’s movie and television streaming service, including highlights from numerous sports on The Olympic Show. You can watch all of NBC’s Olympic programming on the NBC Sports channel or Peacock if you have a Roku device.

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