‘NO WAR’ – Reaction of Sports Community Over Russians Persecution on Ukrainians


‘NO WAR’ – Reaction of Sports Community Over Russians Persecution on Ukrainians. The sports world is hitting back at Russia after Ukraine’s Invasion. From sportsmen to governing bodies everybody has raised voices for it. Sanction from the sports world is resulting in Russia’s fallout from FIFA to Formula 1; must be a great turbulence for the country!

Lets see what’s happening globally.

Sports Community Reactions over Russian Persecution

The country’s footballers (Russian Footballers) are coming forward themself and opposing their country’s oppression on Ukraine. This movement was started by none other but Russia & Dynamo Moscow’s striker, Fedor Smolov stating  ‘No to War’ 

Smolov was not the only player to speak against its home country but Russian Tennis athletes are also raising voices( not being biased about their country). World’s no 7 tennis superstar, Andry Rublev wrote ‘No War Please’ on the lens of the TV camera after he won the title in Dubai! 

Ukrainian Footballers Reactions

Ukrainian footballers denounced their country’s invasion publicly, this happened when Ukrainian midfielder Ruslan Malinovskyi, pulled up his jersey after scoring a goal during a UEFA Europa League game and revealed a white T-shirt that stated, “No war in Ukraine.”

Also, Ukraine & Manchester City defender Oleksendr Zinchenko showed petrotism towards its home country and joined with Ukrainians in football to appeal for help against Russia’s invasion.

He stated that: “We ask the global football community to oppose Russian propaganda. To show and tell the truth about war in Ukraine by all possible resources. We thank everyone who has already done this and everyone who will support us. No to war. Glory to Ukraine. Glory to the heroes.”

Football evergreen gems, like Paulo Fonseca (Former Roma and Shakhtar Donetsk manager) not only speak against the invasion but also shares his harrowing 30-hour escape from Ukraine.

Russia Boycott – International Sporting Bodies Have Also Cold-Shouldered Russia! 

Starting from Motor Sport, Formula 1 will no longer race in Russia! 

A statement read: Formula One can confirm it has terminated its contract with the Russian Grand Prix promoter, meaning Russia will not have a race in the future.”

Furthermore, FIFA and UEFA on Monday suspended Russia’s national teams and clubs from international soccer, in protest over the war in Ukraine. A statement read: “FIFA and UEFA have today decided together that all Russian teams, whether national representative teams or club teams, shall be suspended from participation in both FIFA and UEFA competitions until further notice,” 

Big News No? No, There’s MORE..
This alarming move makes it likely that Russia will be excluded from this year’s FIFA World Cup and the Women’s UEFA Euro 2022 tournament. 

Not only this but also The International Ice Hockey Federation & Badminton’s World Governing Body also cancelled all sanctioned tournaments in Russia and Belarus. In Addition, that no other tournaments will be allocated to those regions until further notice. 

Wrapping Up!

Russia is facing a stream of fallout in sports as seen which not only is affecting its current affairs in the sports community right now but it will surely impact in the long term too. The help is coming all around from the globe but all this help is not enough, as Paulo Fonseca also stated that “I’m seeing all Europe trying to help everyone. I understand the political situation, but I have to say it’s not enough. I don’t know what more we can do, but we have to do more – or they will all die”

Martin is a sports enthusiast and loves to write about trending events globally. He has also been selected for one of the FIFA World Cup Volunteering in 2014. Moreover, he loves to watch TV Shows and is a die hard Kobe Bryant Fan!