How To Watch DAZN On Kodi


DAZN, as we all know, is a popular streaming service that broadcasts all of the sports action from around the world in high definition, as well as its Video on Demand games, which feature a variety of sports activities such as boxing, football, mixed martial arts, and so on. Whereas, DAZN On Kodi on the other hand is a free video player that can be downloaded on a variety of popular TV devices such as Nvidia Shield, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. It can also be view on a smartphone or a computer.

Therefore, if you use DAZN On Kodi add-on will provide you with the most thrilling athletic events from across the world. Please be noted that this add on is develop by independent programmers, so it is legal to install on Kodi. So, moving forward in this article, we will tell you how to watch DAZN on Kodi.

How To Install DAZN On Kodi:

DAZN is a subscription service that costs $19.99 USD per month or $99.99 USD per year, which is fairly reasonable when you consider the larger picture of being able to watch all of the games live under one roof.

You can get the DAZN On Kodi add-on by launching Kodi and following these steps:

  • Click on the Settings.
  • Choose Add-ons.
  • Third, select Install from the repository. 
  • Scroll downwards and tap Video Add-ons.
  • Select DAZN.
  • From there install it and press OK.
  • Return to the menu once then add-on has downloaded.
  • Select Add-ons.
  • Click on DAZN.
  • You can now watch any of your preferred sports on Kodi.

Now that you have successfully added DAZN to Kodi, keep in mind that it not assist you if you are on vacation outside of your country or reside in a location where the broadcast is geo-restricted. You will be unable to access DAZN media on your Kodi.

How To Watch DAZN On Kodi From Anywhere:

If DAZN is accessible in your area, you will not be able to access all of the sports entertainment offered in every region due to the various sports broadcasting licenses. 

Not only that, if you also live outside of the locations where the stream is being broadcast, you not be able to see anything that is usually accessible on DAZN On Kodi

Therefore, you will need a solution to obtain an IP address in a country with more DAZN content, and go through any geo-limitations.

In this regard, using a smart VPN will assure that you do not miss viewing the world’s greatest events live on your DAZN Kodi. Here are some basic steps to take in this situation:

  • Register for a reliable VPN service provider.
  • Select a server in a country where DAZN is currently available i.e. US.
  • Begin watching DAZN live on your Kodi from any place in the world.
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If you use a VPN, DAZN assume that you are trying to access the stream from the location where it is aired, which means that you be able to watch and access any game or event in the world without any limitations on your Kodi.


DAZN is becoming increasingly popular as an online streaming service, and having it on Kodi guarantees that you do not miss any of the live action.

Each streaming platform you see, on the other hand, owns the streaming rights to certain content. As a result, if a media group controls the right to a specific sporting event, it offered on the DAZN platform in that location. However, in another region, DAZN might keep the rights to stream to the same event.

Therefore, you only need to include a reliable VPN to make it accessible from anywhere in the world. We are hopeful that the information provided to you in this article has given you sufficient guidance to run the DAZN add-on on your Kodi.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is DAZN available in the United Kingdom?

Yes, DAZN is available in the United Kingdom for £7.99 a month. Therefore, you can watch all live broadcasts as any on-demand media on the platform once you have a membership.

Is it possible to watch all the content available on DAZN from anywhere?

No, since media companies intend to distribute their sponsored content on DAZN in only a few countries. As a result, you will need a VPN to address the problem for yourself.

What are the top sports leagues available on DAZN?

On DAZN, you can watch top-rated sports leagues from a variety of sports disciplines, as NBA, NFL, MMA, and UFC, etc. 

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