How to Watch Saudi Grand Prix Live Online in the US


All the F1 fans should gird their loins as Saudi Arabian Grand Prix is all set to happen on the weekend of March 25-27. The racing event will celebrate its first anniversary this year as it started only a year back in 2021. Though the event has been around for just a year, the excitement and adrenaline levels are incredibly high. 

The race takes place at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, which is termed the “Fastest Street Circuit” in all Grand Prix racing tracks. 

The 2021 Saudi Grand Prix was won by the English racing driver Lewis Hamilton. Max Verstappen and Valtteri Bottas were the second and third runners up, respectively. This year 20 racers from all over the world are taking part in the Grand Prix, including all three top racers from last year. 

If you are an F1 racing fan living in the USA, you can easily watch the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix online. 

How to Watch Saudi Grand Prix Live Stream Online in the US? 

F1 fans in US can take a sigh of relief as the Saudi Grand Prix will be officially broadcasted on ESPN. The 2-day spread will be telecasted on different ESPN networks. The first practice will be aired on ESPNU, the second and third practices will be aired on ESPN 2, the Qualifying race will be shown on ESPN News, and the final race itself will be telecasted on ESPN2. 

The races can be streamed through ESPN Plus, which is an ESPN streaming service. The final two races will be accessible on the platform and can be enjoyed by subscribing to it. 

However, the problem with relying on these channels is that they are only accessible in the USA. The geo-restrictions will not allow people from other countries to stream the Grand Prix live online.

The best way to overcome this issue is by using a VPN to watch the live F1 race without any problems. 

  • Get a reliable VPN service. 
  • Connect to an American server.
  • Watch the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix Live on ESPN.
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Another option is to subscribe to F1 TV Pro, the official F1 streamer, and it directly takes coverage from Sky Sports F1. The subscription fee is $10/ month, but if you want to get it for the whole racing season, which includes 23 races in total this year, the package will cost you around $80. 

How to Watch Saudi Grand Prix Live Online Outside the US for Free? 

For someone who is not in their home country and has been a frequent travellor, you need to first pick in a smart VPN provider, who needs to access any channel for you in time. Anyways, ORF is offering free live streams for F1 Races live online. But the service is geo restricted at the moment, therefore follow the steps below to access Saudi Arabian Grand Prix live online:

A great alternative to stream the races is by using a VPN service. Following are the steps you can follow to watch the Grand Prix live without Cable: 

  • Subscribe to a reliable VPN
  • Connect to a Austrian-based server
  • Enjoy watching the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix live on your ORF for Free
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Why Do You Need A VPN to stream Formula 1 Live Online?

VPN is a solution to all your streaming problems. Although there are various ways to watch the Grand Prix live online, using a VPN is the best option. The live streaming offered by official broadcasters is not accessible in all countries, and the viewers can face the problem of geo-restrictions. A VPN lets you bypass these restrictions, and you can enjoy the races no matter where you are in the world. 

Another issue with relying on online websites to watch the races is that most websites offer lousy video quality and tons of ads that can spoil the enthusiastic spirit. Also, the feed lags a lot and runs almost 15-20 seconds behind, because of which you can not enjoy the races as they are fast-paced and goosebumps-inducing. 

A reliable VPN will enable you to be a part of an exciting experience and if you’re an F1 fan, then missing out on the races is clearly not an option. Regardless of where you are, a VPN alters your IP address, and you can virtually be wherever you wish to be. 

Things You Need to Know About Saudi Arabia Grand Prix 

  • It is expected that the racing would be pretty quick over this 6.174-kilometer circuit. The projected car speed the drivers would drive is in excess of 320km/h, with an average speed of over 240 km/h, which is much faster than Silverstone and next to Monza.
  • Jeddah Corniche Circuit is termed the “Fastest Street Track” and is the second-largest track on the F1 calendar. The track combines public roads and some permanent sections. 
  • Despite having a total of 27 corners which are more than any other track on the F1 calendar, the Jeddah Corniche Circuit seems more like a plain curve than the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi.
  • The track is designed by the famous father and son duo of Hermann Tilke and Carsten Tilke who are responsible for some of the best circuits in the F1 event.
  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a beginner in the world of racing. During the King Fahd International Stadium’s inaugural Race of Champions event in February 2018, the country made its way into the F1 circle by organizing an international racing tournament.
  • Human rights advocates have expressed concern over Formula 1’s participation in Saudi Arabia, citing the country’s dismal reputation on human rights issues. Amnesty International and other humanitarian organizations have criticized the government for “sports washing” or exploiting sports in the country as a method of diverting attention away from significant human rights violations.
  • The Saudi Arabia Grand Prix can be moved from Jeddah Corniche Circuit to a new track being built in Qiddiya. The Formula one event is expected to move to Qiddiya in 2023. 

Saudi Grand Prix: Date and Time 

The 50 Laps or 120 Mins race over 6.174 kilometers will begin at 22:00 (GMT+3) on Sunday, 27th March 2022. 

Final Thoughts!

The second edition of the Saudi Grand Prix will surely be an exciting ride, and all the viewers will be holding on to the edge of their seats for this exhilarating F1 race. 

Moreover, the biggest F1 names will grace the tracks with their practical approach and tactical game plan. These races are not just between the drivers driving the cars but also among the car manufacturers. Mercedes, Mclaren, Red Bull, Ferrari, etc., have made a name for themselves in the F1 competition over the years, and the rivalry will be evident in the Saudi Grand Prix as well. 

Saudi Grand Prix Predictions

It will be interesting to see Lewis Hamilton defending the title of winning the first Saudi GP while the rest will aim to make a difference by completing the race as quickly as possible. 

As the race is set to begin in the afternoon, the drivers will be saved from the scorching heat and humid temperature of Jeddah.

Don’t miss out the experience and subscribe to VPN if you are not able to stream the race through an official broadcaster. Watch the races in the USA using a VPN to ensure a fun-filled ride. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

Where can I watch the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix in the USA? 


How many laps are there in the Saudi Grand Prix? 

There are 50 laps in the Saudi Grand Prix which will approximately be equal to 120 mins. 

Which year was the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix inaugurated? 

The inaugural race was held on  3rd – 5th December 2021.

Who won the inaugural race in the Saudi Grand Prix? 

Although, Lewis Hamilton won the first Saudi Grand Prix. Max Verstappen held the second position while Valterri Bottas got the third position.  

Who built the Saudi Arabia F1 track? 

Hermann TIlke was the main designer for the Jeddah Corniche Circuit.

How much does Max Verstappen make in a year?

According to reports, Max Verstappen’s compensation is on par with that of Lewis Hamilton and other Formula 1 giants; according to reports, the Red Bull driver has signed a new deal for £40 million per year.

How many racers are taking part in the Saudi Grand Prix? 

A Round 20 racers from around the world are taking part in the Saudi Grand Prix this year. 

How many races are scheduled in the F1 calendar for 2022? 

A total of 22 Grand Prix races will take place this F1 calendar year. The schedule began in March and will end in November of 2022. 

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