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Fifa World Cup 2018 Free Ticket


Get a smartphone, desktop, webcam, digital camera or anything with a camera. We don’t want a Hollywoodesque clip. Just make sure you capture your passion or your passionate nutmeg skills. You can even record a video of yourself watching a football fixture and celebrating all the goals as they happen. The more passion you put on display, the more it will help you get up-votes.


Submitting a video is easy. After you’re done creating the video, just fill in our video submission form with your name, your email address, name of the country you are supporting, the title of your video, the description of your video, and the video itself.


Once you’re done submitting the video, you’ll then have to make sure you get the highest number of up-votes. Your chance for winning the ticket depends solely on the number of votes. You can share the video on social networking sites, or invite your family and friends to watch and up-vote your video from our page. The videos with the most up-votes will be declared the winner.