How to Watch NBA on Plex

Are you a die-hard sports fan who religiously follows any and every sporting event that is going on air? Do you also feel the compulsion to stay up to date with all the sports, whether it’s the football premier league or the tennis grand slam, baseball leagues or cricket matches? Well, then I have got some good news for you. If you are an American and a sports fan, but you do not have access to satellite cable, it doesn’t take a genius to guess your alternative routes which are obviously streaming platforms. Let’s say you wish to watch the NBA. Then your streaming platform of choice for all the sporting events will obviously be Plex. 

Not only is Plex one of the world’s favorite sports-focused streaming services, but it also has a huge range of TV shows and movies to choose from as well. It also presents news channels, so it has got content for the entire household. And this is what makes it America’s most favorite streaming platform. 

Why shouldn’t it be? The streaming platform has broadcasting rights to many renowned sports events. But then there is some bad news as well. You qualify for a legit viewer only if you’re based in the US. Thanks to the geo-restrictions, you cannot access the channel outside the US, or if you can, the content would be limited. You will experience content blocks if you attempt to access Plex from outside the US. Ugh!

How to Watch NBA on Plex From Anywhere

If you are away from your home country, traveling or living abroad for studies or anything at all, and you want to follow the NBA matches on Plex only, then don’t break a sweat over it. We have compiled all the right solutions for you. 

To avoid the geo-restrictions and access NBA games on Plex from any corner of the world, you will have to connect to a VPN. 

So to bypass those geo-restrictions, connect to a VPN by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Subscribe to a VPN plan.
  • Connect to the US server.
  • Enjoy NBA games on Plex on any device while sitting in any corner of the world. 

How to Watch NBA on Plex Using a VPN

Plex is fully available in the United States due to broadcasting restrictions. Therefore, if you have a NBA app on your Smart TV or your phone, and a valid subscription, you will still be blacked out. This will happen if you are not in the United States.

However, a top VPN will assist in dodging the blocks by rerouting your internet traffic through the international servers in the United States. This will allow you to view all NBA games on Plex without any hassles.

So, just follow these instructions to watch NBA games on Plex on any device of your choice using VPN.

  • Subscribe to a VPN plan.
  • Connect it to a US server.
  • Enjoy NBA games on Plex on any device while sitting in any corner of the world. 

We hope this article was helpful enough and answered all your queries for you. Refer to the FAQ section for more details. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my money back if I don’t understand the VPN?

Yes, you can request a full refund. But it is highly unlikely that you would dislike the VPN.

Can anyone track my IP address if I’m using the VPN?

No. Once you opt for a VPN, it will easily hide your identity, and you can surf the internet, stream the IPL live, or do anything you want without the fear of being traced. You can surf the internet without stressing over the authorities or your Internet Service Provider (ISP) snooping on your web activity.

Is the VPN helpline available all the time?

The VPN is available 24/7 to make the client’s browsing experience as smooth as silk.

Will VPN slow down my internet connection?

It is possible with any VPN, but the difference is so minor that it is not even noticeable at times.

What type of services can I access with a VPN?

It helps access a wide range of services, including entertainment platforms, social media websites and news providers. 

Can I watch NBA Games on Plex on any device?

Yes, it has been made possible to access DAZN on all devices, be they Android or iOS.

Martin is a sports enthusiast and loves to write about trending events globally. He has also been selected for one of the FIFA World Cup Volunteering in 2014. Moreover, he loves to watch TV Shows and is a die hard Kobe Bryant Fan!