Joe LaCava, a name that resonates with dedication and expertise in the golfing world, has been an integral part of the sport for decades. As the trusted caddie for some of the most iconic golfers, including the legendary Tiger Woods, LaCava’s journey is both inspiring and intriguing. Let’s delve deeper into Joe LaCava life, career, and the Net Worth he has amassed over the years.

Joe LaCava – Early Life and Background

Born in 1962 in Newtown, Connecticut, Joe LaCava’s passion for golf was evident from a young age. While details about his early life remain scant, it’s known that he ventured into the world of professional golf through his cousin, Ken Green, who hired him as a caddie in the late 1980s. Joe’s educational background includes a pursuit in finance during his college years.

Joe LaCava – A Flourishing Career in Caddying

LaCava’s professional journey took a significant turn when he began caddying for Fred Couples in the early 1990s. Their partnership proved to be a golden one, resulting in twelve illustrious victories. The most notable among these was the 1992 US Masters at Augusta National.

After parting ways with Couples, LaCava had brief stints with other notable golfers like Davis Love III and Justin Leonard. He then collaborated with Dustin Johnson for four years, during which they secured five PGA Tour titles.

However, the most defining phase of his career began in 2011 when he teamed up with Tiger Woods. This partnership not only solidified LaCava’s reputation in the golfing community but also showcased his unwavering loyalty. Even during Woods’ challenging times, marked by injuries and surgeries, LaCava remained steadfastly by his side.

Joe LaCava – The Financial Aspect: Joe LaCava’s Net Worth

The life of a professional caddie can be lucrative, especially when associated with top-tier golfers. While the specifics of LaCava’s earnings remain private, insights from various sources provide a glimpse into his financial standing.

Caddies typically earn a base salary, which, according to Forbes, ranges from $1,500 to $2,500 per week during golf tournaments. However, their primary earnings come as a percentage of their golfer’s winnings, usually between 5% and 10%. Given LaCava’s association with golfing giants like Woods, it’s no surprise that he has seen significant financial rewards. For instance, in 2018 alone, Joe reportedly earned between $272K and $544K from Woods’ earnings of around $5.4 million.

Considering his long-standing career and associations, Joe LaCava’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million as of 2023.

Beyond the Greens: Personal Life and Relationships

Away from the limelight and the greens, Joe LaCava leads a relatively private life. He shares his life with his wife, Megan LaCava, who has been reported to work as a Sales Manager for a women’s apparel store. The couple is blessed with two children, Joe and Lauren.

LaCava’s relationship with Tiger Woods is not just professional; it’s deeply personal. The duo shares a bond that transcends the boundaries of the golf course. Their camaraderie is evident in their interactions, with Joe often speaking highly of his association with Woods. Such is their bond that LaCava’s son has even caddied for Woods’ son, Charles, during the PNC Championships in 2020 and 2021.

Joe LaCava – Legacy and Future Prospects

Joe LaCava’s dedication to his profession has not gone unnoticed. His contributions to the sport earned him a well-deserved spot in the Caddie Hall of Fame. As he continues his association with Tiger Woods, the future looks promising for this celebrated caddie.


In conclusion, Joe LaCava Net Worth journey in the world of professional golf is a testament to his dedication, passion, and expertise. His unwavering commitment, combined with his deep-rooted relationships with golfers, ensures that his legacy as one of the sport’s most accomplished caddies remains firmly intact.