Suffered a significant injury during the NFL season opener. There’s a possibility that Aaron Rodgers could return this season, although he hasn’t specified a comeback timeline. Discover Aaron Rodgers could return to action this season.

Several factors will impact the likelihood of Rodgers making a swift return. The New York Jets’ performance will be crucial to the significance of his return, and it also depends on how well Zach Wilson, his replacement, performs.

According to insider sources, ESPN reports that Rodgers may make a return before the season end, but it remains uncertain. Rodgers will need to evaluate the overall situation to determine the feasibility of a return this season.

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Aaron Rodgers Keeps Postseason Return Open

During a recent interview on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers didn’t rule out the possibility of a postseason return but refrained from providing a specific timetable.


“I welcome your doubts, your timelines, and your predictions, because all I need is that extra bit of motivation,” Rodgers stated. “That’s all I need. So, give me your doubts, give me your forecasts, and then witness what I can achieve.”

What should provide reassurance to both Jets and Aaron Rodgers supporters is his clear determination to stage a comeback.

The duration of his absence from the game will depend on the recovery process, which is expected to begin in Los Angeles and continue in New Jersey, as reported by ESPN.