In a significant move, the New York Jets have restructured the contract of star quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The NFL Network reports that Rodgers and the team have reached a deal for a fully-guaranteed two-year contract worth a staggering $75 million, extending through the 2024 season. This decision represents a substantial pay cut for Rodgers. His previous deal from the Green Bay still had approximately $110 million remaining when he was traded to the Jets.

The freshly negotiated contract comes with added benefits for Aaron Rodgers and the Jets. It includes clauses preventing the team from using the franchise tag on the quarterback. It also blocks any potential trades, ensuring Rodgers’ stability with the team.

Speaking after the team’s training camp practice, Rodgers confirmed the agreement without providing specific details but expressed his enthusiasm and commitment to the Jets. The quarterback acknowledged that the Jets made significant moves to acquire him. He said he sees this new deal as more than just a one-year arrangement. Although it is his first season outside the Packers organization after 19 years, Rodgers is already demonstrating his leadership and precise playing style, gaining favor with his new team. Jets have also taken steps to make him feel at home by bringing in familiar faces. Such as receivers Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb, and offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett.

With an illustrious career record, including four AP Most Valuable Player awards and ten Pro Bowl selections, Rodgers is undoubtedly a prized asset for the Jets. His impressive stats, boasting 59,055 passing yards and 475 touchdown passes. All of it speaks to his exceptional talent and experience on the field.


The Jets’ preseason will commence with the Hall of Fame Game against the Cleveland Browns on August 3. As the team gears up for the upcoming season, the addition of Rodgers has generated heightened expectations for their performance. With his remarkable skills and leadership, Rodgers has the potential to elevate the Jets to new heights in the NFL. The team and its fans are eager to witness the magic he brings to the field and anticipate a successful and exciting journey ahead.