Alex Palou responds to Brown’s Criticism – Not going to F1 races 

Alex Palou responds to criticism, there wouldn’t have been numerous individuals who still anticipated to see IndyCar champion Alex Palou at Formula 1 grands prix in McLaren colors or driving its F1 car in Friday hone sessions once McLaren had furiously announced he had snubbed what it felt was a cast-iron 2024 deal and began legal action against him.

But Palou was still actually anticipated to be at the coming weekend’s Singapore GP as McLaren’s official save, with McLaren dashing CEO Zak Brown clowning at the Laguna Seca IndyCar finale that Palou’s hotel room was still booked – indeed in spite of the fact that he didn’t anticipate Palou to turn up.

Brown is right on that front, with Palou confirming to The Race

“I’m not going to go to any F1 races”.

Palou said initially he needed to take off Chip Ganassi for McLaren in 2022, but in a bargain settled out of court afterward that year, he remained a Ganassi driver but was permitted to conduct F1 testing obligations with McLaren.

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Brown had moreover claimed on Saturday that Palou hasn’t talked to him straightforwardly almost the circumstance, saying he had “not listened a single word from him actually since this all happened.

Palou told The Race.

“Yeah, honestly, that’s true, we’ve not spoken. I don’t think I have anything that it’s going to benefit him or me to say at the moment. I don’t have any issues with him. Like if I see him, I’m not going to look to another side, or walk to the other side. But yeah, at the moment I don’t think that we have something to talk about.”

McLaren is however to affirm who will be its save driver for the leftover portion of the F1 races. Its best IndyCar driver Pato O’Ward will be within the car for an FP1 afterward this year and going to the F1 races in his local Mexico, Austin, Vegas and Abu Dhabi, but can’t be a save since he doesn’t have a superlicence.

McLaren has courses of action in put with different drivers counting Mick Schumacher as portion of a save driver share with Mercedes.

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