Amy Pieters Awake from Coma Four Months after Training Crash


Amy Pieters has been in a coma since last December. This happened when she was involved in a car accident while training.

Following her training crash, the three-time Madison world champion is exhibiting indications of consciousness.

“Amy recognizes individuals, understands what is being said, and is able to do ever more assignments”. Her team SD Worx said in a statement.

After undergoing a life-saving procedure following the accident in Spain. The 30-year-old sustained a head injury and was in a coma. She was transported from an Alicante hospital to one in her native Netherlands in January. But she remained unconscious.

Pieters is now conscious and able to speak non-verbally. According to the latest report from her team SD Worx, however her long-term diagnosis is yet unknown.

The three-time Madison world champion has been undergoing a ‘neurorehabilitation programme,’ according to the team, and specialists will be looking at the next phase of this.

They added, “Amy Pieters’ condition has changed.” “There is awareness.” This means she can communicate nonverbally in a limited way.

“Doctors cannot yet say what residual symptoms and remaining abilities Amy Pieters will have as a result of the brain injury.

Since mid February Amy Pieters has been following a specialized intensive neurorehabilitation programme at one of the member institutions of the EENnacoma network. This institution is working towards a suitable continuation of the rehabilitation process.

The family appreciates the enormous sympathy shown, but also asks everyone to respect the privacy of those involved.

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