A unique and unusual incident led to Angelo Mathews becoming the first player in international cricket to be timed out. This occurred after Mathews requested a helmet change just as he was about to face a delivery from Shakib Al Hasan. However, he couldn’t prepare within the two-minute time frame permitted by the ICC playing conditions.

The incident unfolded when Mathews’ helmet strap broke as he was securing it under his chin while getting ready to face the ball. By this point, nearly two minutes had passed since the dismissal of the previous batter, Sadeera Samarawickrama. Mathews promptly asked for a replacement helmet, which was delivered to him by Chamika Karunaratne. However, after a conversation with Shakib, umpire Marais Erasmus informed Angelo Mathews that he was considered timed out.

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Angelo Mathews’ Unconventional Dismissal Triggers Lengthy Discussion and Frustration

At that moment, Mathews had not yet put on the new helmet, and Karunaratne was still standing near the pitch. Approximately three minutes and twenty seconds had passed since Samarawickrama’s dismissal. Initially, Mathews appeared to think that the umpire was joking, but soon he became visibly concerned. He engaged in a lengthy discussion with both Erasmus and square-leg umpire Richard Illingworth.


Erasmus then spoke with Shakib, and Mathews also briefly conversed with Shakib. However, the decision to rule him out due to a timing out violation was upheld, which led to Mathews displaying his frustration by gesturing animatedly and appearing visibly upset with the peculiar dismissal. According to the ICC Playing Conditions, a batter must be prepared to receive the ball within two minutes, a requirement that Mathews failed to meet.

40.1 Out Timed out 40.1.1 After the fall of a wicket or the retirement of a batter, the incoming batter must, unless Time has been called, be ready to receive the ball or for the other batter to be ready to receive the next ball within 2 minutes of the dismissal or retirement. If this requirement is not met, the incoming batter will be out, Timed out.”

As a result of this dismissal, Mathews had to leave the field, visibly frustrated. He kicked his helmet in anger as he left the playing area. Sri Lanka found themselves in a challenging position at 135 for 5. However, Charaith Asalanka’s century helped the team recover, ultimately reaching a total of 279.