Arsenal vs Chelsea: Thomas Tuchel Explains the Defeat


Arsenal vs Chelsea took place on 21 March at the Stamford Bridge Stadium in London, England. Where the score was 4-2, Arsenal defeated Chelsea.

Thomas Tuchel explained Chelsea’s substitution and how Arsenal won the match

Andreas Christensen requested to be taken off at half-time during Chelsea’s 4-2 loss to Arsenal, according to Thomas Tuchel. After a disastrous defensive first-half performance by the Blues, the 26-year-old was replaced at half-time by Thiago Silva.

Eddie Nketiah scored the game’s first goal in Arsenal vs Chelsea when Christensen misjudged the bounce of the ball and missed his throw back to Edouard Mendy.

After 13 minutes, Nketiah punished the Blues by scoring the game’s first goal, and the hosts’ blunders continued from there. The small home crowd chanted for Thiago Silva to come on, and Tuchel listened by bringing the Dane off at halftime in favour of the Brazilian.

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Chelsea went on to lose their third consecutive match at home in all competitions after conceding two more goals in the second half. Tuchel, on the other hand, claimed Christensen requested to be taken off and that it was not a tactical alteration in response to the Blues’ 2-2 halftime score.

“He said he couldn’t continue,” responded Tuchel over the half-time change. He added When you make blunders like these, it’s hard to win games like this. I haven’t seen that in any other game, but I have seen it in several matches in a row.”

“He had some problems. It’s a very, very difficult pitch here. It’s not to our favour. The ball bounces awkwardly.”

Tuchel said that Chelsea missed Rudiger due to their lack of defensive convictions, which caused the Blues even more pain.

“It’s not about individual players the loss highlighting Antonio Rudiger’s significance,” he continued “We need the tactics to be correct; I’m not sure I got that right, and you need the team selection to be correct; I’m not sure I got that right.”

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