Asia Cup 2022: Is there still a chance for India to qualify?


India’s chances of qualifying in the final of Asia Cup 2022 are still extremely below. The team faced a six-wicket defeat against Sri Lanka on Tuesday night.

However, the defeat reduced the chances for India to qualify for the finals. The former defending champions are now in a situation where they have to rely on the other team’s defeat.

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Team’s chances to qualify for the Asia Cup 2022 Finals


The team’s road to finals now depend on the victory of Afghanistan and Sri Lanka against Pakistan. India will also need to beat Afghanistan with a higher rate during the upcoming match this Thursday.

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka in the Asia Cup 2022 is currently standing on top of the ranking. The only way the team can fall behind if they lose the match against Pakistan. Although this will only effect their net run rate.


If Afghanistan looses to Pakistan, the team will be eliminated along India. Although if they defeat Pakistan and lose to India they can hope that Sri Lanka beat Pakistan. Hence, only then the teams will be on two-win level.


If Pakistan beats Afghanistan in the match today of the Asia Cup 2022. The country will play in the finals along with Sri Lanka. However, if Afghanistan gains a victory in both their upcoming matches, Pakistan will have to beat Sri Lanka with a higher NRR.

Way to the finals

Although its a long shot for the Indian team to reach the final rounds. But with different possibilities of the remaining teams, India might stand a chance.

In order for India to make their way to the final rounds. Pakistan will have to lose both of it’s upcoming matches. While India will need to defeat Afghanistan on Thursday. However if Pakistan beats Afghanistan then both India and Afghanistan will disqualify.

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