LaLiga has reported an incident of alleged racist attack involving a group of Atletico de Madrid ultras towards an 8-year-old girl to the Spanish Prosecutor’s Office. The young girl was wearing a jersey featuring the name of Vinicius, just outside Madrid’s Cívitas Metropolitano stadium, before Atlético’s 3-1 victory over Real Madrid. Discover Atletico Madrid hooligans accused of racist attack against girl wearing Vinicius jersey.

According to the Spanish newspaper ‘El Mundo,’ LaLiga possesses concrete images of the incident. The minor’s aunt and mother have already filed a police report regarding the matter.

The Atletico ultras allegedly initiated hostile chants, including “No to Vikings” (a nickname for Real Madrid supporters), derogatory racial slurs, and threats towards the young girl, such as “get out of here or we’re going to harm the girl.”

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Silvia, the aunt of the minor subjected to the Atlético ultras’ abuse, spoke on Spanish radio about the events preceding the Madrid derby: “We were walking around the Cívitas Metropolitano Stadium, where there was a gathering of Atlético hooligans, and we stayed to watch it. I have been an Atlético season-ticket holder since birth. They started singing derogatory chants targeting Real Madrid supporters and racially abusing us. At first, we didn’t realize it was directed at us. I even looked back, thinking they were referring to some passing kids behind us as ‘Vikings.’ I would never have imagined it was aimed at the girl until a kid came up and hit me on the arm.”

Trauma and Anxiety in the Young Girl

She continued, “He said, ‘Get out of here or we’re going to harm the girl.’ There were numerous insults and hostile behavior. We then noticed a large crowd of people pointing at the girl, insulting her, and directing chants at her,” explained the girl’s aunt.

The traumatic incident led to an anxiety attack in the 8-year-old girl, who was attending her first soccer game. Her aunt described the aftermath, saying, “She had a terrible anxiety attack. I immediately escorted her away while she concealed the Real Madrid logo on her shirt. She experienced frequent nightmares and woke up several times during the night, fearing that they would come for her. She doesn’t understand why it all happened and has asked me not to take her to a stadium again.”

The mother and aunt of the girl who experienced intimidation for wearing a Vinicius’ shirt before the Madrid derby have filed a complaint. The complaint specifies that an individual, wearing a “black Atlético ultras t-shirt,” approached and physically confronted the minor’s aunt. The women also reported to the Spanish National Police that they endured threats and offensive language, causing them to feel “very insecure and defenseless.” The incident resulted in the minor feeling traumatized and fearful.