McLaren ‘cannot afford’ Lando Norris to miss the Brazil Grand Prix

McLaren had already confirmed that Lando Norris has been diagnosed with suspected food poisoning on the night before the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend. On Thursdays, drivers spend the majority of their time at the track fulfilling media obligations before a race weekend. However, Norris was indeed absent today due to illness and remains in his Sao […]


Sprint race are likely to be ‘run in slick-tyre conditions’ due to the weather at Interlagos

Predicting the weather at Interlagos is difficult, but early forecasts indicate that rain may play a role in the 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix. The Interlagos Circuit hosted a number of classic wet F1 races. However, another rain-affected race cannot be ruled out. As the Grand Prix weekend comes nearer the temperatures in Sao Paolo will […]