[Breaking News]Amazon Shuts Down The Rumors Of Acquiring Electronic Arts.


An earlier story said that Amazon would soon announce its purchase of Electronic Arts, the largest publisher of video games. Later reports indicate, however, that Amazon has shut down any rumors of acquiring EA. All of this occurs in the wake of earlier rumors claiming that EA had been looking at the prospect of an acquisition or merger. After hearing about the alleged deal, Amazon’s shares initially increased before falling back in the morning trade.

The Truth

The purchase of EA Games by Amazon was supposed to be disclosed on August 26th, according to individuals who spoke with GLHF, although CNBC disputes that assertion. David Faber of CNBC stated, “I have spoken to several people who would genuinely know if there was something going on, and they say there’s nothing going on.” According to Faber, EA had approached Comcast-NBCUniversal about a possible merger, but it ultimately fell through.

While news has been made of other high-profile gaming industry acquisitions, EA has been the focus of numerous rumors. EA executives allegedly aggressively pursued a deal, according to a recent report, which stated that EA had discussions with Apple and Disney regarding a potential sale.

Were Any Rumors Accurate? 

The question of whether any of the purchase rumors were accurate was put to EA CEO Andrew Wilson during a quarterly earnings call this month. Wilson said that EA is well-positioned to become “the largest freestanding independent creator and publisher of interactive entertainment” globally, but he also made it clear that the company would be “open” to conducting business in alternative ways.

In the gaming industry, 2022 has been a huge year for purchases. Sony paid $3.6 billion for Bungie, Microsoft has suggested buying Activision-Blizzard, and Embracer Group has recently been on a buying frenzy, acquiring Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal, and several more firms.

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