In a riveting showdown, the Cleveland Browns showcased their defensive prowess, turning the tide after an initial setback to clinch a 19-17 win against the previously unbeaten San Francisco 49ers.

“Consistently top-tier, especially in the secondary,” proclaimed Browns’ corner Greg Newsome II, echoing the team’s confidence.

Despite the 49ers’ explosive 84-yard opening drive, aided by Cleveland penalties, the Browns’ defense tightened the reins, restricting San Francisco to a mere 10 points and 161 yards thereafter.

Newsome recalled coach Jim Schwartz’s motivating words post the first drive, emphasizing the team’s resilience and adherence to their practiced strategies. The Browns’ defense subsequently forced multiple 3-and-outs, intercepted Brock Purdy. And limited the 49ers to their lowest offensive yardage under Kyle Shanahan.

Myles Garrett, attributing the team’s newfound vigor to Schwartz, said, “This is just the tip of the iceberg. Our energy and confidence are unmatched.”

Defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz’s track record against Shanahan-led offenses is commendable, with an 8-1 win ratio. Schwartz’s strategies have consistently stymied Shanahan’s game plans, averaging just 15.8 points per game.

Despite the 49ers’ setbacks, including injuries to key players like Christian McCaffrey and Deebo Samuel, the Browns faced their challenges, including relying on practice squad quarterback P.J. Walker. Yet, the Browns’ defense remained the game’s linchpin.

Garrett summed up the team’s sentiment, stating, “We’ve always known our potential. Today, we showcased it to the world. And we’re just getting started.”