Carlos Sainz ends Red Bull dominance with Singapore GP win

In one of the most thrilling races of the 2023 Formula 1 season, Carlos Sainz Jr., a Spanish driver, achieved an impressive victory for Ferrari at the Singapore GP. This race turned out to be a refreshing change from the dominance of Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen, who encountered issues and were not competitive. Discover Carlos Sainz ends Red Bull dominance with heroic Singapore GP win.

Despite initial concerns about the Singapore street circuit providing uneventful racing, the race’s conclusion was nothing short of spectacular, featuring intense competition. The starting grid was favorable for Ferrari, with Carlos Sainz Jr. starting from pole position after Max Verstappen’s disappointing performance in Q2.

The first 25 laps of the race were relatively uneventful, with Sainz controlling the pace at the front while managing his tires. However, the race took a turn when Yuki Tsunoda suffered a puncture, leading to the deployment of the first safety car of the day.

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The pivotal moments revolved around pit stops, as the leading cars all came in for fresh tires, except for the two Red Bull drivers. Sainz managed to regain the lead and control the race until Esteban Ocon’s car experienced a failure with approximately 15 laps remaining.

When Ocon’s misfortune triggered a virtual safety car, Mercedes made a strategic move that added excitement to the race. Both George Russell and Lewis Hamilton underwent a double-stack pit stop, equipping them with fresh Mercedes tires, providing them with a significant pace advantage over Lando Norris and Sainz, who were still on worn hard tires.

Charles Leclerc Struggle to Keep Pace

Charles Leclerc couldn’t match the pace of the two Mercedes cars, and in the final five laps of the race, both Mercedes cars were closing in on Norris. It seemed like Sainz and Norris might have to concede to a Mercedes one-two finish. However, a unique strategy between the former McLaren teammates ensured that no positions were exchanged.

Sainz allowed Norris to stay close enough to him to benefit from DRS (Drag Reduction System), which Norris used to defend his own position from the charging Mercedes cars. With the pressure mounting, Russell was unable to overtake Norris, and in one of the final corners, he missed a turn and crashed into the wall, allowing Hamilton to claim third place.

This race broke the trend of playing the Austrian national anthem on the podium and represented Ferrari’s first significant success of the season.

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