Christian Horner has spent more of its Red Bull F1 car development budget than Ferrari


Christian Horner has dismissed allegations that it is on the back foot. It has spent more of its Red Bull F1 car than Ferrari on Red Bull F1 car.

A slew of changes introduced at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix have helped the Milton Keynes based team pull ahead of Ferrari. With Max Verstappen winning at both Imola and Miami.

Ferrari has resisted making big changes to its F1-75 so far. With the first round of modifications set to arrive at the next race in Spain.

However, the Italian team believes that Red Bull F1 car current edge is due to the team spending significantly more on development so far this year. Which means it will likely reach its budget cap ceiling much sooner.

“I hope, because there is also a budget cap,” Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto stated after Miami. “that at some point Red Bull will halt development otherwise, I would not understand how they can do that.”

Red Bull, on the other hand has refuted claims that it has increased its investment and thrown more resources than necessary on early season gains.

Red Bull Superiors!

Red Bull’s racing chief, Helmut Marko, is adamant that his team’s spending is in line with its competitors, and that the team’s gains appear to be so big because it is losing weight with each upgrade.

“I don’t think so,” Marko responded when asked if Red Bull had put down more this year than Ferrari. We schedule our updates such that we lose weight with each one. Because we haven’t yet hit the minimal weight requirement. We’re not going to get there with the next update, either.

“I don’t think we are in a significantly different position to Ferrari in this regard. Especially since I wonder what effect it has on them that Carlos Sainz has already crashed the car several times. That can’t be cheap”

Any reservations had about the Red Bull F1 car budget cap. According to Marko, were connected to elements that affected all teams equally, such as the rise in freight costs.

“It’s true that rising logistical costs are a problem,” he said “However, this impacts not only us, but Ferrari and all the other teams as well”

Christian Horner, Red Bull’s team manager, said he was conscious of the budget cap and that the focus was on making adjustments that provided the most bang for the buck.

“You’ve got to be very careful where you introduce your upgrades because of the budget cap restrictions this year,” he said “We’ve just got to make sure that we introduce something that is value for money.”

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