Coach Trevor Sinclair deletes twitter account due to investigation


Trevor Sinclair is an English professional football coach. Previously he was a winger and played in the Premier League. On Thursday afternoon it was announced that the Queen passed away.

However, Sinclair took this to twitter and quoted. “Racism was outlawed in England in the 60s & it’s been allowed to thrive so why should black & brown mourn!”

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Investigation by talkSPORT against Trevor Sinclair

The talkSPORT clearly stated that they do not accept any employee’s racist behavior. Following, an immediate action is taken upon Trevor Sinclair. A formal investigation is going on against the controversial tweet against Queen made by the coach.

After hearing the devastating news about the Royal Family, the former England player raised confusion and anger when he said that “black and brown” people should not grieve Her Majesty’s death. His comments sparked outrage and disgust online right away.

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As expected, people took this on twitter and stated to reply him with extreme rage. Stating “Unbelievable. Disgusting. Unfollowed.” 

Although he deleted his twitter account now but there’s already a fire in the field. People are ready to boycott him from everywhere. A vast number of people have already interacted with this tweet.

Infact his colleague was among the first person who shared his thoughts regarding the ‘disgusting’ claim made by Trevor Sinclair.

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