While it may have been anticipated that Conor McGregor would support Dillon Danis ahead of his fight against Logan Paul, many were taken aback by his lack of condemnation for Danis’ inappropriate behavior towards Paul’s fiancé, supermodel Nina Agdal. McGregor didn’t outright endorse Danis’ actions, but he also didn’t publicly denounce Danis for his trolling and disrespectful treatment of Nina. McGregor recently engaged in a conversation with a Mirror Boxing reporter, discussing his potential return to the UFC and addressing the Dillon Danis situation. Discover Conor McGregor does not denounce Dillon Danis harassment of Nina Agdal.

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Surprisingly, Conor McGregor didn’t express concern or sympathy for Nina’s lawsuit against his friend and showed continued support for Danis. Instead of reprimanding Danis for his harassment, McGregor suggested that it was all fair game. This reaction may not be shocking to some, as Danis might have picked up a few tactics from McGregor himself. McGregor has a history of targeting his opponents’ significant others in the lead-up to fights. He notably made derogatory remarks about Dustin Poirier’s wife immediately after a fight, even on the same night he suffered a leg injury.

In his conversation with the reporter, McGregor also discussed his potential return to the octagon and his desire for a trilogy fight with Nate Diaz, acknowledging that he feels indebted to the Stockton native. McGregor mentioned, “I’m on my way back, and I’m still aiming for a December return. It has to be Nate. Chandler should sit tight and stay quiet. Dillon is going to come out victorious. I don’t pay much attention to the lawsuit. The buildup is intriguing and exciting. Kudos to both of them. I’d love to see Nate (Diaz) return to MMA. I owe him a fight. I owe Nate a rematch, so I have to fulfill that obligation. He gave me a rematch, and I came out on top, so I owe him the trilogy, no doubt.”