Lionel Messi Reaction to Cristiano Ronaldo Leaked Messages!!


It’s hard to argue that Messi and Ronaldo are not the best players of all time. They have shared a stage for over fifteen years now, but how they approach being considered among history’s greatest suggests there is still plenty left up in the air as far as who truly deserves these titles.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the greatest of all times. Although they have a good professional relationship but the personalities both the player carries are too different from one another.

While Messi has been less publicly concerned about being regarded as the very best, Ronaldo has long considered himself the greatest of all-time. And the 36-year-old’s text messages demanding to be “respected” by ex Real Madrid and Italy striker Antonio Cassano, which recently emerged proved as much.

Messi now has two more Ballon d’Or than arch-rival Ronaldo, who has five. Cristiano Ronaldo at 36 still has massive impact on its rivals and turns out to be one of the game changers in football history.

However, being at that level of success comes with great controversies,

Antonio Cassano also said “Four long texts. Let’s see if he [Ronaldo] confirms it because I also forwarded them to Buffon, who told me he had given my number to Cristiano.

“He told me that I had to respect him, I had to respect the goals he had scored, what he had won and what he represents.

“I fear nobody and I replied to him writing that I had just said the truth: there is only one Ronaldo and Messi is better than him.

Adding to that the Italian mentioned: “Cristiano has everything in life. He should take it easy and be relaxed rather than see what people say about him. He should be like Messi and be more relaxed.

“This is the truth, I called Buffon and told him too, I told Giorgio Chiellini as well. I’ve never disrespected him, as a man or as a footballer.

“I don’t like him, there are 50 players I like more than he, so what?”

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