Cristiano Ronaldo scores his first goal of the campaign, is he back in form?


Manchester United manager claims that Cristiano Ronaldo is completely committed to his game and came back in the form. After the last night’s match against FC Sheriff, the manager has hopes.

It’s only about time to see whether Ronaldo will master his performance in the upcoming football matches. The red devils scored a 2-0 victory against the Sheriffs.

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Cristiano Ronaldo plans to stay in the football world

Ronaldo attempted to quit the team this summer but was unsuccessful. He desired to play more Champions League games. Since then, he has been falling behind his teammates in terms of fitness.

Ten Hag believes that he can get Ronaldo back at his speed after the pre-season. He specifically praised the 37 year old about the last night success of the game.

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“He’s totally committed to this project, totally involved, he also has connections that are coming around him [on the pitch] and he is constructing connections so I’m happy with that.” said Man United manager.

Infact, Hag confessed scoring the first goal of this campaign during the Europa League will definitely leave an important impact for Ronaldo and he might be back in the form.

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Plans for retirement

Apart from his level of productivity in Manchester United. The press has been constantly asking him about his further plans. Although the player sometimes get furious regarding the continuous questions.

The captain of Portugal is still in remarkable physical shape and has scored 24 goals for Manchester United. When asked upon whether it’s his last World Cup, he clearly stated that “I will be the one to decide, nobody else.

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