Cristiano Ronaldo appeared genuinely delighted with the warm reception he received upon arriving in Tehran, the capital of Iran, ahead of a match against Persepolis. Discover Crowd chases team bus after Cristiano Ronaldo arrives in Iran with Saudi Team.

Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably the most renowned athlete globally, boasting a fan base that spans the entire world. His supporters are well-known for their passionate and unwavering backing, often reaching extraordinary levels of enthusiasm.

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This became evident when hundreds of football enthusiasts flooded the streets of Tehran on Monday, all hoping for a glimpse of their beloved star as he, along with his Saudi teammates, arrived for the AFC Champions League game against Persepolis. Some of these fans even managed to enter the hotel where Ronaldo is staying.

Ronaldo’s transfer to the Saudi Arabian club Al Nassr in January 2023 generated an unprecedented level of excitement among fans throughout the country. Upon his arrival in Tehran, supporters began chanting “Ronaldo, Ronaldo,” and, in their enthusiasm, bypassed police barriers, filling the hallways and public areas of the Espians Palace Hotel.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Debut Visit to Iran with Al Nassr

This marks Ronaldo’s inaugural visit to Iran with the Saudi football club Al Nassr. The fervor surrounding his presence extends beyond celebrating his athletic accomplishments; it also underscores his global appeal and iconic status.

The Asian Champions League matches have become possible due to the restoration of diplomatic relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, a diplomatic achievement brokered by China earlier this year. Moreover, the two longstanding rivals had severed ties in 2016, triggered by protests in Iran over Saudi Arabia’s execution of a popular Shiite cleric, leading to the storming of Saudi diplomatic missions in Iran.

The 2015 Asian Champions League was the last occasion when Saudi and Iranian teams competed against each other on home ground during the group stage or knockout rounds.