As the ongoing Damian Lillard trade rumors inches closer to the start of training camp, a new potential suitor has entered the picture alongside the Miami Heat: the Toronto Raptors. Insider Marc Stein has reported that several teams in the league are taking the Raptors’ interest in acquiring the seven-time All-Star seriously. However, there is some hesitation due to Lillard’s strong preference for being subject to trade for the Heat. Discover Damian Lillard Trade Rumors: Raptors’ Rivals Convinced They Have ‘Genuine’ Interest.

The main question surrounding Toronto’s interest revolves around how committed they are to making a significant trade for Lillard, given his reported resistance to playing in Toronto. This situation wouldn’t be unfamiliar territory for Masai Ujiri and the Raptors’ front office, as they previously made a successful move for a discontented superstar in 2018 when they acquired Kawhi Leonard from the San Antonio Spurs. This move paid off handsomely, with Leonard leading the franchise to its first NBA championship.

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It’s worth noting that Leonard was not as insistent on joining a specific team as Lillard has been in his desire to join the Heat. Recent reports have suggested that Lillard would initiate another trade request if the Trail Blazers were to send him anywhere other than Miami.

Considering their arsenal of young and talented assets, the Raptors could potentially offer a more appealing package to the Trail Blazers for Lillard compared to Miami. The Heat’s offer is said to revolve around Tyler Herro, a few young players, and draft picks.

Despite the growing interest from various teams, Damian Lillard’s ultimate destination remains a focal point as the trade discussions evolve.