Does Tampa Bay and Tom Brady has a chance to finally defeat the Saints?


The New Orleans Saints is a major hurdle in between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and and their success. The match between the two teams will take place on Sunday, 18th September. Tom Brady is one of the strong player in the team.

Saints has won the up to 17 out of 21 matches during the regular season matchup. Although Tampa Bay beat them in the previous 2020 divisional round.

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Tom Brady return to the NFL season

Quarterback Tom Brady retired but he later made a return to the NFL 2021 season. Reportedly, Brady is returning to the ground to defeat the long rival New Orleans Saints.

Tom is back on the field to solve the unfished business he had with the Saints. Buccaneers is currently 0-4 against New Orleans in the regular season. Bayless said. “Part of unfinished is, ‘I’m going to sweep them,’ if in fact this becomes Tom’s last year.

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Current ranking of the Buccaneers

The team has been out scored by 117-53 in the games which includes 38-3 and 9-0 home losses. Among them Brady completed 61.5% with all together six passing touchdowns and eight interceptions.

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Currently, Tampa Bay is coming out of the 19-3 week 1 with win at Dallas. Among which, Tom Brady completed the passing yards with 212.

It also included one passing touchdown, one interception and up to 87.3 quarterback rating. Leonard Fournette finished with 127 rushing yards on 21 rushing attempts.

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