Dutch Grand Prix: Inaki Rueda claims Red Bull “led to the disaster pitstop for Sainz”


Ferrari Chief claims to accuse Red Bull indirectly for the pitstop error which led to the disaster for Carlos Sainz. This happened during the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort.

The chief explains about the fact that Sainz lost to Mercedes and Sergio Perez during the early stages of the race. Inaki Rueda also says that Carlos was called later than usual at the pitstop.

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Dutch Grand Prix 2022 Incident

Carlos Sainz was already struggling during the initial stage on soft tyers. This incident caused the team to make the pitstop. However when he arrived at the pit box, team was not ready.

Although this led to a complete disaster as he had to wait for 12.7 seconds until he was ready again. Rueda later gave a statement. “With Carlos we were under fire, because the two Mercedes drivers and Sergio Perez were able to undercut us. At that point in the race, that would have meant we would have lost the spot.”

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The Pitstop call

The pitstop call came later than usual which eventually caused problem for Sainz. The others normally gave themselves at least a 23-24 seconds window before making a scheduled stop.

However, the Zandvoort pit lane’s made it more challenging for the team to respond quickly in this situation, giving the crew only 17 seconds to react.

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“The people changing the tires (on the left side of the car in this case) have to walk across the pit stop,” explained Rueda.

“But because Carlos came in a little earlier than usual, whoever had to put the left rear tire on the car just didn’t get into place in time.”

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