Flashback 2021: NBA Records broken in the year 2021


NBA Regular Season 2021 in half way through currently, we go into a flashback to look back at some of the records that have been broken in the year 2021.  Moreover, the players are so desperate to make records as their have been highest numbers of records been broken this year comparatively to other years.

This article will take a look at top records that has been broken this year. Lets get started.

#1 Steph Curry with his 85 threes in a Calendar Month

The Steph Curry has been on a shooting frenzy, and it’s not over yet. The 33-year old broke the NBA record for most threes made in one month with his 85th three point attempt in upcoming two games left to play in April.

He may not have reached the free-throw line yet this season, but Stephen Curry is making his presence known in other areas. The point guard had an astounding seven three pointers against Sacramento on Sunday night to set a new record for most threes made by any player over 13 games with six and 47.2% accuracy.

#2 Zion Williamson reaches 2000 points

In the past ten games, Zion Williamson has been on a scoring tear. The 20-year old is only one of two players since Michael Jordan to reach 2000 points in under 80 games at age 21 or younger. In recent weeks there have been many news stories about how good this young gun basketball player.

In his rookie campaign last year, Zion shot at 58.3% and averaging 22 point per game while Williamson is doing this with ease shooting over 60%.

#3 Russell Westbrook’s triple-double dominance

With his recent performances, it’s no wonder that the Wizard guard is leading all of NBA with 28 triple-doubles this year. In fact he has done so in 5 out 6 seasons since 2014!

Even more impressive, however, was the fact that Westbrook broke a long-standing franchise record in less than a season last month. In a 132-124 win over Indiana at the end of March, Westbrook recorded his 16th triple-double of the season, simultaneously becoming the Washington Wizards’ all-time leader in triple-doubles.

#4 Dallas Mavericks monster first-half vs LA Clippers

The LA Clippers are riding high right now, but they have been electric since the All-Star break. In their third game of this season alone, these guys set a new record for themselves that will never be broken!

As the Mavs finished with a victory at 124-73, they are guaranteed to face off against their opponents from last year in round 1 of this season’s playoffs. The Clippers will be looking for revenge after falling short once again last time around and not giving up until it was too late!

#5 Anthony Edwards’ 100+ point three-game span

After a slow adjustment to league life, Anthony Edwards’ form has exploded and he is now one of the most lethal offensive players in this year’s draft. He averages 18 points per night while playing for his new team – all thanks to an unmatched potential that can’t be ignored!

Minnesota fans will be very excited to see how Edwards can progress and help their franchise return to the playoffs in a few years. As for other teams around the league?  In any case, everyone is excited for what he could bring in terms of both points and excitement when playing at home turf later this season – especially against Western Conference foes like Dallas Stars or San Jose Sharks where highlight reel plays are guaranteed each game thanks to him


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