Formula 1 Drivers Salaries – How much does the Top Drivers Earn in 2021?


It is crystal clear that driving a hefty car with huge names such as Mercedes, Ferrari, RedBull does keep their drivers financially motivated every year, So lets move on with how much does the Formula 1 Drivers earns?

F1 driver Earnings and Expense Caps

Initially in 2021, the Formula 1 decided to give each company a cost maximum price of about $145 Million throughout the season. These cost only apply to “performance based cost” meaning the cost of building the structure, optimizing the engines and different car structuring works including the salaries to be given to the engineers and the complete labor staff.

Among the many expenses are branding, wages of the paid personnel’s , bonuses, travel and hotels and driver fees. That means F1 driver salaries are not affected by the cost cap, and teams can spend an unlimited amount on their drivers as there is no external affects on their earnings over cost caps.

F1 Teams and Drivers Salaries in 2021

As we evaluated, that there is very less chances where we can estimate how much does an F1 Driver earns.  Below, you will find the widely reported salaries of Formula 1 drivers in the 2021 season.


These numbers might hit you with a shock but this is how it goes in 2021. Now you know about how much each driver earned in 2021.

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