Glenn Hoddle makes Real Madrid vs Chelsea prediction saying “Winning back-to-back Champions League trophies is incredibly hard but Chelsea have the capabilities to do it’’


Real Madrid vs Chelsea will face each other in the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinals at 3 p.m. ET April 6th at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea manager Glenn Hoddle believes his side will recover from their defensive debacle against Brentford and go on to win back-to-back Champions League titles.

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Real Madrid vs Chelsea will challenging – Glenn Hoddle

Former Chelsea and England manager Hoddle believes they will be able to put their shocking setback behind them. Also Head coach Thomas Tuchel will be hailed as the club’s best manager of all time at the end of the season.

“Strangely enough, I don’t think the Brentford result will cost them too much,” BT Sport expert Hoddle remarked. It would have been more harmful if they had been right in the title race, or barely a point ahead of Tottenham with Arsenal pursuing fourth place. When you get a result like that, it’s evident that you’ve had a bad day. But it can work in your favor if you use it as motivation to put things right’’

“If Chelsea had won 5-0 at the weekend, everything’s hunky-dory. But sometimes in life, you get a shock, you get a jolt and it makes you focus again. As a defensive unit, conceding four goals at Stamford Bridge will have wounded their pride and I expect them to respond positively. If they get back to those standards I think it will be a tight quarter-final, but for me they will just get over the line.”

Hoddle: “Benzema is a peculiar guy but he’s probably not one of top ten players in the world’

Benzema is a peculiar guy in a sense his record is unrivalled, he’s come alive for Real Madrid since Ronaldo left. He’s taken on the duty of being their primary striker,” Hoddle claimed. He’s had his ups and downs with France’s national team. But he’s probably not one of your top ten players in the world. At the moment Madrid are relying on him a lot for his goals and he’s coming up trumps for them.

Hoddle is more confident in Tuchel’s place in European football’s pantheon and in Chelsea fans’ affections. “Winning back-to-back Champions League crowns is extremely difficult. Only Real Madrid has done it in the present format of the competition, but Chelsea have the ability to do it. Especially when their strongest 12 or 13 players are available,” he remarked. But, if he can do it again, Tuchel, in my opinion, is Chelsea’s greatest manager of all time if he isn’t already there.

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