Interesting Facts about Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United


Sir Alex Ferguson is a footballing legend, widely considered to be one of the greatest managers in history. He has won more titles than any other coach and led Manchester United to unparalleled success with 13 league championships at Old Trafford.

Lets get into some interesting and out of the market facts of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Fergie’s Fledglings

It’s not easy to be the best player in your age group. But for some players, that dream came true thanks to Manchester United and their legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson who recruited many greats under him over time.

Players like Ryan Giggs Paul Scholes Neville Brothers David Beckham Cristiano Ronaldo
The list goes on – these guys called “Fergie’s Fledglings” were all discovered by The Man Himself while training young bucks at his own football school!

Sir Alex Ferguson Chewing Gum

Sir Alex Ferguson’s way of chewing gums is one fascinating fact about him. He would always be in high levels stress while eating gum rapidly, which could mean he had a lot going on inside his mind that needed releasing through this addiction.

The last piece of Sir Alex Ferguson gum he chewed in his last day of management sold for 390000 pounds. The last match of Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson ended in a 5-5 draw against West Bromwich Albion. 

Alex Ferguson Net worth

Alex Ferguson is a retired soccer player and manager with the net worth of 60 million dollars. He’s currently not receiving any payments since his retirement at Manchester United. But he still receives 144000 per day as ambassador for their club while also promoting them in public forums like The Guardian article said – that makes him one very well off fellow!

Manchester United was about to Sold

In 1989, three years after he took over, the club nearly sold for $31 million. At present, it’s now valued at $3.2 billion. The managerial role was a dead end for anyone but Sir Alex Ferguson managed to make a team. A unit which was par excellence, sublime and created wonders on the pitch.

He was the first person for Manchester United who won the league title for Red Devils after 19 long years.  Ultimately, this streak went on and he clearly made a magical team who knew how to actually win trophies. They were just wonderful. A complete nightmare to the opposition.

Sir Alex Ferguson Statistics – Player to Manager

Sir Alex is the only manager in the history of football to win 49 Trophies altogether, which breaks down to 13 League Trophies and many others.

The world has witnessed the best and all heads must bow down to Sir Alex Ferguson for this meaningful contribution to the sport. Happy Birthday Sir! May you have a long life ahead.

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