Is Champions League New Format “Really” Replicating the Super Bowl?


Last year UEFA Executive Committee after its meeting on 19 April 2021 announced the Champions League New Format changes for the year 2024/25 from the current protocols being followed by the organization.  

According to the committee this change is for the betterment of clubs, players and fans, UEFA based its design on extensive consultations with key stakeholders in the European football community. Is it really..

Lets see what has changed in UEFA Champions League 2024: 

Extension in the No. of Teams

In the new format, instead of 32 teams, 36 teams will be playing.

The Biggest Change: No More Traditional Group Stage

UEFA is breaking the roots. The group stages are now transited into 1 giant league table will be introduced for the 2024 season. 

More to Play for Right up Until the Final Game of the League

The teams will no longer be playing 3 opponents twice. In the current format teams will face fixtures against 10 different teams (5 away & 5 home) in a so-called ‘Swiss system’(more commonly associated with chess).

More 100 Extra Game – More Matches More Money

Each team will play 10 group games, not 6 as per the current format. That means there will be an overall explosion of the number of matches, with 180 in the group stage instead of 96.

Knockout Stage Remains Untouched But,

There are no such changes in the knockout stage. The addition of a play-off round at the end of the group phase means the total number of matches in the competition will sky-rocket from 125 to 225.

UEFA’s Playoff

Teams finishing in between 9-24 rank will play in the 2-legged play offs to secure a place in the round of 16..

UEFA’s Finishers

The 8 clubs who prevail in the play-offs will then progress to the round of 16 where they will each face one of the top-8 compared to the current 13.

UEFA ‘Champions League 2024’ Format is Pretty familiar with the NFL’s ‘Super Bowl’, let’s see how

  • NFL extended the number of teams to 14 from 12.
  • 7 teams from each of the league’s 2 conferences qualify for the playoffs. Meaning 10 or more wins are required
  • There are 4 rounds in the NFL playoffs, including the Super Bowl.
  • The playoff teams are then ranked, or seeded, according to their finish in the conference.
  • In addition, the 3 non-division winners with the best overall record get in as wild card teams.
  • The winners of the above contests must first make it to the big game to win the Super Bowl.  

How the World is Reacting to this Change?

According to the Experts the new league format will ensure that the teams play more European games and therefore more money is made. They believe that it is actually the Super League Model now just branded by UEFA.

Wrapping up!

Fans think that this 1 big league could draw huge interest on the final couple of match days. However, they stated: ‘DON’T FIX SOMETHING THAT’S NOT BROKEN’ as the new format is overcrowding of fixtures and over exhaustion of players because it adds to an already busy schedule. 

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