As the YouTube boxing phenomenon continues to capture the attention of fans, some of its participants are increasingly convincing themselves that they are genuine professional boxers. Discover Jake Paul calls Canelo Alvarez out once again.

One of the prominent figures in this trend is Jake Paul, who, despite his commendable training efforts and notable knockout power, champions the delusion that he could defeat boxing legend Canelo Alvarez if given the chance.

To put this into perspective, Canelo Alvarez has been involved in boxing since childhood and is regarded as one of the top five greatest boxers in history. Yet, Jake Paul, who struggled against Tyson Fury’s younger brother, Tommy, is confident he could somehow beat Canelo.

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It’s essential to recognize that by discussing Jake Paul’s claims, we play into his strategy. He likely understands he stands no chance against Canelo, who is unlikely to dignify such a mismatched challenge with a response. This situation is ideal for someone with Jake Paul’s innate talent for salesmanship.

Jake Paul excels at manipulating the media, particularly within the boxing world. He realizes that his relevancy depends on staying in the headlines, and he achieves this by associating himself with established, successful boxers. Maintaining this image is crucial, which explains why he ardently expresses his belief that a fight with Canelo will eventually materialize.

In a tweet, Jake Paul declared, “Logan fought Floyd, and I will fight Canelo and show the world why I’m the greatest sports story ever.”

It’s worth noting that Floyd Mayweather, known for his pursuit of enormous paydays, is not a fitting comparison to Canelo Alvarez. Although Mayweather may have been even more talented than Canelo, he often accepted these lucrative exhibition bouts, whereas Canelo has been vocal about their lack of legitimacy in the sport.