In a stunning display of commitment and determination, Jermell Charlo has undergone a remarkable physical transformation ahead of his highly-anticipated showdown against Canelo Alvarez on September 30. The American boxer’s recent Instagram post has left many in awe. The observers noted his resemblance to a light heavyweight and the impressive increase in his body volume.

Sporting nothing but shorts and a striking chain draped around his neck and shoulders. Charlo posed for the camera, proudly showcasing his chiseled muscles. The accompanying message, “With great risk comes great reward. #30thSept #CaneloCharlo”. It suggests his unwavering dedication to capture all four belts from the current undisputed 168-pound champion, Canelo Alvarez.


Originally, the plan was for Canelo to face Jermall Charlo, Jermell’s twin, in a highly-anticipated showdown. However, when Jermall confirmed his unavailability, Jermell stepped up to take on the challenge, accepting the opportunity to share the ring with the Mexican sensation.

For Jermell, who is accustomed to fighting at 154 pounds, the move up to the 168-pound division poses a significant challenge. His upcoming bout against Canelo requires him to put on considerable weight in a relatively short period. The fight stands as the most crucial of his career, demanding an incredible physical effort from Charlo.

According to, the key aspect for Jermell will be his weight training. His height provides a reach advantage against Canelo. But he must also strengthen his body to match the power and physicality of the Mexican champion. The arduous task of bulking up while maintaining speed and agility will be paramount to his success in the ring.

If Jermell Charlo manages to achieve the seemingly insurmountable feat of defeating Canelo and seizing his four titles, it is unlikely that he will return to his original weight class of 154 pounds. The victory would solidify his status as a force to be reckoned with in the super middleweight division, opening up new possibilities for his boxing career.

As the countdown to the clash between Charlo and Alvarez commences, the boxing world eagerly awaits the spectacle. The incredible physical transformation undergone by Jermell Charlo adds an intriguing element to the already intense matchup. Furthermore, It has increased the anticipation for a bout that has the potential to reshape the boxing landscape. September 30 promises to be a night of fireworks as these two formidable champions collide in a bid for supremacy.