Karim Benzema: French footballer guilty in sex tape blackmail case

Karim Benzema, a French footballer who currently plays for Real Madrid and has been found guilty of conspiracy to blackmail his teammate with the promise that he would release an explicit sex tape.

After being found guilty of inciting hatred with his act, Benzema was handed a one-year suspended jail term and ordered to pay €75,000 (£63,000; $84,000) fine.

What Actually is this Case?

In 2015, when Valbuena asked a man in Marseille for help uploading the contents of his phone onto another device and found sexually explicit material on there. He then went to trial with two other defendants who are accused by him trying blackmailing him using this tape as leverage.

However they claim that none had ever attempted extorting money from them nor did it seem like anything serious enough at first glance considering how quickly all parties backed down after realizing what was going happen if justice prevailed (which happened).



When the footballer went to police, they set up an undercover sting operation. Prosecutors said that another defendant was then brought into this scam – Karim Zenati who is Benzema’s childhood friend and teammate with France national football team at UEFA Euro 2016 tournament in June of last year.

At this point he tried his best for help but still unsure if anyone will listen until October 2015 when it happened again! He approached Mathieu Valbuena about disposing X-rated video which got him warn by player “Be careful they’re big thugs mate”.


The defense lawyer for Karim Benzema, Christophe Gassion said that his client reported to police about alleged threats made by implicated accomplices. The recording of the phone call showed how worried Benzema was when one friend told him they were not taken seriously and wanted help with this matter because “the piranhas” would come after them if necessary .

It’s also revealed during questioning Valbuena has never thought giving money as an incentive or reward might stop video leaking like it did last time around even though he didn’t play football since becoming aware there had been another scandal involving other international athletes doing questionable things while playing alongside each.

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