Kobe Bryant facts you didn’t know


This was clearly one of the saddest days for every Sporting community. Millions of people were shocked to hear the news of Kobe Bryant’s  accident.

He passed away in a horrific helicopter crash with his daughter on January 26th. The guy was a legend, as people who never loved basketball, loved him though as he was one of the most recognizable personalities in Sports. 

Lets get onto some significant facts about Kobe Bryant that nobody knew!

Kobe Bryant and Italy

After the retirement of Joe Bryant, he decided to play ion Italian league and took his family with him to accommodate them in Italy. Kobe lived in Italy until he was 14 years old and he always said that Italy has a special place in his heart. He also wanted to be in soccer as he loved the sport with all his heart staying back in Italy.

He almost had a music career 

Kobe was not only interested in being an NBA player, but he also built his interest to be a Rapper. Back in school days, Kobe was a superstar in his circle as he was rapping and also signed some of the club rap battled with Sony Entertainment. He made an album called ” VISION” which never came out and that’s it! It was the end of the rapper Kobe Bryant.


Mr. Bean – His Unofficial Name 

Kobe was born on August 23rd, 1978, and his middle name was Bean. His father who was a NBA player also had this nickname goes by “JellyBean” as he was playing for Philadelphia. Also on paper, the name was never there and it was never recorded as such!

Encounter with Michael Jordan 

It was clearly one of the craziest yet the most ambitious encounters of all times. As quoted by the legendary coach, Phil Jackson said when Kobe Bryant met Michael Jordan, He said ” You know I can kick your ass in one on one”. This clearly showed what mindset Kobe Bryant had at that time and even then he was not in his primes. He clearly wanted to be the best of all times and eventually he made sure he was.

Kobe Bryant’s Net Worth

At the time of his death, Kobe Bryant had a net worth exceeding $600 million. This sum is largely due to an ownership interest in several professional sports teams and Brand Endorsements such as Adidas which was his first signed deal at $48 Million with a KBH store.

Later on he decided to switch to Nike and also did endorsements for McDonalds, Nutella and many other huge brands which accumulated his Net Worth to be presently sitting at $1 Billion.

These are some significant facts most people don’t know.

Kobe wasn’t just a player, He was a story!

He was not just a dedicated person. He had Business Acumen. We remember what he was and will always do!

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