Lakers News- Engaging in debates about the greatest athletes in any sport is undeniably a fun pastime. The abundance of talented individuals in each league makes these discussions highly entertaining. In the world of basketball, names like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar frequently dominate the conversation among sports enthusiasts. However, it’s essential not to overlook the other extraordinary players who have graced the NBA. Discover Lakers News: Iconic LA Guard Ranks Surprisingly Low In New All-Time NBA Player List.

Recently, the team at HoopsHype compiled their list of the 77 best NBA players, and it featured several distinguished members of the Los Angeles Lakers. Notably, they ranked Hall of Fame point guard Jerry West at number 18. This placement might raise a few eyebrows, given West’s iconic status, but it could be attributed to his relatively modest number of NBA championships.

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Jerry West clinched an NBA title during his playing career, with a remarkable nine appearances in the NBA Finals. While he secured just one championship ring, West undoubtedly stands as one of the most dominant point guards in basketball history.

“Jerry West may be the person on this Earth who despises the Celtics the most. He faced the Celtics in the Finals six times and lost every single one. However, it’s impossible to fault West for those championship defeats, as he consistently delivered outstanding performances against them, just as he did against the rest of the NBA.”

Jerry West’s Remarkable Achievements

Aside from his championship victory and his distinction as the NBA’s logo, the 6’3″ product from West Virginia boasts an impressive record. He earned ten All-NBA first-team selections, two NBA All-Defensive first-team selections, and an NBA Finals MVP title, among various other accolades. His influence on the game’s evolution into what it is today is undeniable, and he remains the enduring symbol of the NBA.

“West was a masterful combo guard, excelling in scoring and playmaking. His shooting skills were exceptional, whether shooting off the dribble or with his feet set. He achieved All-Star status in every season he played, a feat accomplished by only four other players with over ten seasons of NBA experience.”

While some might argue that West’s ranking is a bit low, many consider him one of the greatest point guards in NBA history. His legacy is deeply rooted in the history of Los Angeles, where he is forever celebrated.