As the eagerly awaited Las Vegas Grand Prix approaches, set to be the first Formula 1 race promoted and organized by Liberty Media, a decision has been made to break from a traditional F1 practice. Discover Las Vegas Grand Prix To Abandon F1 Tradition Due To “Sensitive” History.

The event, a night race on the Las Vegas Street Circuit, is expected to draw a massive crowd, making it a historic occasion in Formula 1. It signifies the convergence of the world’s fastest motorsport with the entertainment hub of the world.

However, in a departure from a long-standing motorsport tradition, the term ‘paddock’ will not be used during the race weekend. The term has historical roots in the world of horse racing, where it referred to the area where racehorses gathered before a race. Instead, organizers are yet to unveil an alternative term, and in the interim, they will use the term ‘Pit Building.’

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The decision to change the name stems from a tragic event in 2017 when Stephen Paddock unleashed a deadly attack on a festival along the Las Vegas Strip, resulting in the loss of 60 lives and injuries to 867 individuals. Following this devastating incident, the term ‘paddock’ acquired a sensitive connotation due to its association with this tragic history.

A representative for the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix expressed empathy with the local community regarding this sensitivity and confirmed that an alternative name for their complex, which will host F1 activities, food and beverage outlets, merchandise stores, event spaces, and more throughout the year, will be announced.