Le Bron James Suspended: History suggests 2-3 games for closed-fist hit on Isaiah Stewart


The iconic “Malice at the Palace” occurred back in 2004, and we were close to seeing a similar fight Sunday night.

It happened in the third quarter of a Lakers-Pistons game. Jerami Grant was shooting a free throw, and as LeBron James battled for rebounding position with Detroit’s Isaiah Stewart—attempting to block him from getting in close enough so that he could take one last swipe at scoring points before halftime started–LeBron took an aggressive swing backwards using his hand closed into what can only be considered intentional malice towards another human being.


That was the start of a scene that quickly started to spiral. Stewart and LeBron had never fought like this before, with two warriors from different generations clashing violently, it made the fans go in disbelieve where two big NBA names will act over this incident like this. A high tension situation occurred when Stewart tried to gather himself and wanted to attack James constantly.

Most Likely, Le Bron James and Isaiah Stewart both might be under strict disciplinary conduct, and might not find an easy way out of this. However, the show must go on and it surely will.

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