Barcelona’s jerseys for the 2023/24 season have left much to be desired. Only the home kit has received praise from fans. Nike’s experiment with a zig-zag pattern on the stripes seems to have been a successful move. Discover Leaked: Barcelona third kit for 2024/25 season.

However, the away kit has garnered criticism for its plain white design. Reminiscent of Tottenham Hotspur’s jersey, with only blaugrana cuffing to distinguish it. Unfortunately, the third kit has been met with disappointment, resembling more of a training outfit than an official jersey.

In comparison to the previous season, Barcelona’s jersey choices this year have had mixed reviews. Looking ahead to the 2024/25 season, there is hope on the horizon as the design for the third kit has also been leaked, according to fcbarcelonacollection.

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Furthermore, the Barcelona third kit showcases a royal blue base with vibrant neon green accents. The crest is monochromatic, matching the green shade, and green cuffs adorn the sleeves.

FC Barcelona Home kit for the 2024/25

Additionally, the home kit for the 2024/25 season has also been revealed. It pays homage to the 2008/09 season. Moreover, featuring a split design with one half in red and the other in blue, along with alternating sleeves. The Barcelona crest is prominently centered on the chest. Positioned above the Nike logo and the Spotify sponsor logo, all in striking gold accents. As the season progresses, more details and clearer photos of both kits are expected to surface.