Formula 1 drivers expressed their dissatisfaction with the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) regarding the relatively lenient penalties given to Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen following incidents during the Singapore Grand Prix. These breaches by the Red Bull drivers didn’t impact their race positions, a fact that disappointed their competitors. Discover Lewis Hamilton puts Checo Perez in an uncomfortable position amid Max Verstappen controversy.

Before the Japanese Grand Prix, an interview with F1 journalist Adam Cooper featured Lewis Hamilton and Checo Perez discussing the absence of penalties for Verstappen. Cooper encouraged Perez to share his perspective on the matter, but Perez offered a vague response, saying, “Nothing to say on it.”

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Hamilton, however, persisted, noting Perez’s typically outspoken nature, but Perez continued to evade giving a clear opinion. When Hamilton asked about the possibility of parking at the end of the pit lane, Perez implied that they might allow it in the future, despite the fact that they shouldn’t have to wait that long.

Hamilton then shared his uncertainty, admitting that he hadn’t witnessed the incidents firsthand due to being in the pit lane during the race stoppage. He emphasized the importance of consistency and collaboration with the FIA to address such variations in penalties.