Lewis Hamilton vs Max Verstappen |Abu Dhabi Grand Prix | One Last Ride|


Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen head into a winner-takes-all championship decider in Abu Dhabi this Sunday with different views of what is fair and acceptable driving.

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix is one of the most remarkable races in F1 history, and it has set Verstappen up for an amazing finish with Hamilton. The two need to work together on track if they want victory at this point!

Controversial Moments: Hamilton vs Verstappen

Verstappen was able to get the jump on Hamilton by taking advantage when they came out of their mandated red flag period. He quickly overtook him and then went around both corners using some dirty tactics that were reminiscent from his time in formula one racing. At first, I thought this would be a good thing because he’s shown how much more experienced he is over those three years car less but now with having regained third position after being forced wide at turn 1 due too an accident earlier today it doesn’t seem so great anymore does

All things being equal, they will race for the win again at Yas Marina on Sunday. But Verstappen has nine wins to Hamilton’s eight and with a five point lead in championship points he is likely victory-bound if neither driver finishes.

If neither finished, the gap between them going to Abu Dhabi would have remained at eight points. That’s the most Hamilton could make up on Verstappen in one race if he wins and the Dutchman is second.

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