Earlier this week, DAZN released the highly anticipated face-to-face encounter between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis, ahead of their upcoming boxing match on Oct. 14. The press conference had been chaotic, so they found a private room to engage in a candid conversation. Paul came out strong in response to Danis’ persistent harassment of his fiancée, Nina Agdal. Discover Logan Paul becomes the villain with joke of Dillon Danis father’s passing.

The Bellator fighter had been harshly criticizing the supermodel, making the fight deeply personal for Logan Paul. It was expected that the YouTuber would respond, but his reaction may have crossed a line. Even the cake he prepared for Dillon and hiring a bodyguard who previously confronted Danis weren’t enough.


In an attempt to make a strong point, Logan Paul seemed to overstep by saying, “Your life has taken a downward turn since your departure from Marcelo’s gym. You turned to alcohol to cope, and then you faced the loss of your dad and the alienation of your friends. I understand that Twitter has become a form of therapy for you lately, providing some validation that you’ve been missing. If that fills the void in your heart, I can empathize. But no matter how much you talk, you’ll have to back it up on October 14.”

Logan Paul may be portraying himself as the villain in this situation. Danis has openly shared the difficulties he faced after losing his father in recent years, expressing his deep struggles with the loss. However, Logan Paul appeared to disregard this. In his role as a WWE heel, the YouTuber might be taking things a bit too far.

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Danis has engaged in villainous actions, but he has been upfront about it. On the other hand, Logan Paul has tried to present himself as a good guy while engaging in contradictory behavior, from publicly feuding with his own brother to firing a co-host on ‘Impaulsive’ due to religious differences. These actions suggest that Logan Paul may not have matured as much as he believes.